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A Relaxing, Adventurous, Family-Oriented Place to get Some Alone Time: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

A Relaxing, Adventurous, Family-Oriented Place to get Some Alone Time: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

As a parent, it’s hard to find the right family getaway.

On the one hand, we need to find someplace that our kids enjoy; a spot where they can play and smile and look at us with undying gratitude so that we can take their picture, post it on social media and our friends will say, “Wow.  She really is Supermom.”

Then there’s the other part of us: the one that wants to lock all of the kids in the hotel room for one blessed minute so that we can actually feel like we’re on vacation.

This is a tough combo to find.  But I have discovered this magical place.  And it’s right in your own backyard.

Well, not literally.  That wouldn’t be any fun at all.  But just a short ride away in Colorado Springs, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort is waiting to pamper you and entertain your children.  With activities that are equal parts active and relaxing, it’s the perfect getaway without the hassle of getting on an airplane.

As a mother of three children, it’s sometimes hard to find one place that will entertain a 10-year-old girl, 12-year-old-boy, and 14-year-old-girl.  The teenager never wants to do what the younger kids do and the younger kids are tired of watching the teenager roll her eyes.

kayakOkay.  We all are.

But during our weekend at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, the eye-rolling was definitely at a minimum.

After checking into our room that had an exquisite view of Cheyenne Mountain itself, my oldest daughter and I brought the two younger kids to Kidz Camp where they played tennis, created a craft, swam, and participated in other games and fitness activities.

“Our Kidz Camp provides the campers with a variety of activities from all the departments in the Country Club of Colorado to keep them engaged and active,” says Amy Beman, Assistant Fitness Manager. “Every week the children have two golf and two tennis sessions with our professional golf and tennis staff. The fitness staff also works with the children every morning playing different games such as fitness monopoly and cardio dodge ball. The camp is based out of the Aquatics Center which is ideal for pool and lake activities where the kids swim, build sand castles, paddle board, hydrobike, and kayak. Even when the sun isn’t shining we keep the kids busy with making shirts, crafts, and in our club game room.  Our goal is to have them experience the wonderful opportunities the club has to offer while making friends and creating unforgettable memories.”


spaBut, wait.  There’s more.

While the younger kids were doing what they wanted to do, my 14-year-old daughter and I decided to do something we wanted to do.  I was ready to spa the day away, but I wasn’t sure if the Alluvia Spa and Wellness Retreat on the property would have something for her.

I shouldn’t have worried.

Looking at their extensive Teen Spa Menu, my daughter decided to have her first facial ever.  She and I talked and relaxed in the tranquil common room in our robes provided by the spa until it was time for our appointments.  Once we met up again and I saw my daughter’s face…I knew I had scored some major Mom Points, all while getting my own relaxing massage.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking advantage of the resort’s four pools, tennis courts, golf course, fabulous restaurants, and private lake.  We were able to kayak for the first time, ride around on hydrobikes, paddleboard, and play in the sand on the beach. 

Our evenings were spent watching sports on one of the many enormous screens in the Elevations Lounge and giggling over the creations we made at the deluxe s’mores bar the hotel hosts on Friday and Saturday nights.  I was able to enjoy the Complimentary Craft Beer Tasting on Friday night while the kids and I played cards at one of the many tables set up on the patio overlooking the golf course. 

smoresNight swims and the Saturday night Dive-In Movie (complete with pool toys and popcorn) had us all tuckered out (apparently I snore when I’m really tired – thanks for letting me know, kids), but not too tired to get up for the Zoo Breakfast in the lobby.

We left (sadly) on Sunday, feeling as though we were all able to do the things we individually wanted to do without sacrificing family time together, vowing to come back another weekend. The kids couldn’t wait to tell their grandparents about their adventures and how we should all go back together for an extended family stay; Pop could play golf, Nana could relax by the pool, the kids could play at the lake.

And if they need to find me, I’ll be in the center of the activity.

After all, the spa is right smack in the middle of the resort.

Thanks to the  Cheyenne Mountain Resort for hosting! 

Author: Catherine

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