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Westin Family Weekends: Our Fun Denver Staycation

Westin Family Weekends: Our Fun Denver Staycation

One of the many little slivers of wisdom I share with my kids is how lucky they are to grow up close to a major city. There are countless ways to explore cultural offerings and we are a family that loves to take advantage of all Denver has to offer. But there’s a downside. We never get the chance to play tourist in our own city. Recently, we had the opportunity to see Denver through a fresh lens.

When kids enter a hotel room, the best thing to do is stand back and watch their reactions. It’s a BED! And another?! It’s a window! Look at these little SOAPS! They like to christen the bathroom, try on the robes, stake a claim on a bed, and determine what to order from the room service menu, if presented with such a magical opportunity. I still feel this way when I travel, sometimes. There is something restorative about switching up home base, even for a single night. I guarantee, however, there wasn’t a game of cornhole waiting for us to play, or a teepee set up to hide inside at hotels when I was a kid. Westin_Denver_Downtown_Cornhole

Our very own Westin Denver Downtown offers an innovative way for families to forge memories. If you travelled with your family as a child, no doubt some of the most vivid memories you treasure are those spent exploring new places with people you loved. Westin Family Weekend Escapes provides a great jumping-off place to all downtown Denver has to offer. They focus not only on the cozy comfort of all their guests, but on vibrantly delicious foods, thoughtful touches like in-room games and play, their gorgeous roof-top pool, and the chance to sink into that pampered feeling you get when you stay in a hotel.

Sometimes, parents hesitate to take their kids to a hotel for a weekend, especially when they have a perfectly good house thirty miles away. Westin Family Weekend Escapes were created by people who know how kids are in love with the hotel experience. They take it to a new level of fun. Families are greeted in their rooms with thoughtful gifts and snacks. Colorado-oriented books (that are yours to keep!) are poised to become bedtime stories. How about a milk and cookies delivery to send everyone off to dreamland while snuggled in for a movie night? They aim to please.

Westin_Denver_Downtown_WelcomeThe Westin Downtown Denver is located in the perfect spot, surrounded by some of the city’s most beloved attractions, museums, and people watching opportunities. There are excursions to places like The Downtown Aquarium and The Denver Art Museum. Take a ride on the Platte Valley Trolley or cheer on the hometown boys at a Colorado Rockies game. On Sundays, the Westin offers late check-outs (with availability) so you don’t have to feel like you are getting the boot when there is still so much to see and do.

While you are out exploring downtown Denver, make sure to fill out the scavenger hunt booklet along the way. It encourages kids to use all their senses and keep their eyes peeled for new sights. There’s a list of missions to accomplish, like to try a new food, challenge yourself to a screen-free day, and jot down special memories.

What about feeding all those little hungry people? Kids twelve and under eat for free at the Westin’s gorgeous restaurant, Augusta, with every adult entree. The food was truly delicious, colorful, and appealing to kids while emphasizing nutrition. John Everett, the general manager of the Westin Denver Downtown, summed up the heart behind the program, “We want all of the Westin kids to experience our pillars just as our adult guests do: sleep well, play well, move well, eat well and be well. Through the careful construction of special menus for kids, they can try new things and fuel their bodies with the nutrients needed for a day full of adventure.”

What if you have a larger family or need space to stretch out? Westin Family Weekend offers a 25% discount on a second room and will do their best to make sure they are connecting rooms, when available. That way, it’s double the robes and little soaps!

For more information, or to book your own highly memorable family weekend, visit The Westin Denver Downtown.

(The Westin Denver Downtown hosted our family so we could experience the Westin Family Weekend Escapes and share with our readers.)

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  1. Some of our very favorite vacations have been staycations. We truly live in a remarkable place and it’s fun to experience it as a tourist!

  2. I think I’d go there for the pool alone. Sounds fun!

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