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Fun Friday: Sponge Ball Toss, Water Blob and More!

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Every Friday during the summer, we’ll feature five fun activities for kids. 

  1. Make your own sponge ball toss. This inexpensive craft is easy to make and it’s reusable + it’s perfect for hot summer days when the kids need something to do other than the pool. 

Sponge-Ball-How-To2. Host a drive-in movie night. This is  super creative, inexpensive and packed with tons of fun. Add a ticket booth, popcorn stand and you’re good to go!



3. Who needs a pool when you can make a water blob?


4. There are plenty of giant bubble recipes out there but how about giant bubbles that bounce? Just don’t tell your kids it’s also a cool science project.


5. The perfect cooldown that is affordable and fun: water balloon pinatas.balloonpinata



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