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Summer Camp:  Engineering For Kids – Junior Engineering Camps

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Technology and Innovation is rapidly increasing and changing our world.    Seriously – did you imagine that you would carry around a Smartphone that holds more technology, memory and computational power than what was used on the first Space Shuttle?   No way.  AND, the truth is, technology and engineering is continuing to develop and will continue to deliver amazing technology beyond our wildest dreams.

engineeringcamp1Now, as parents, we need to figure out how to get our kids to drive and harness that Technology “freight train” and FAST.   While we can only imagine what amazing technologies and innovation our kids will engineer and design in their lifetime, we do know what skill sets will enable them to learn, grow and thrive in the decades to come.  The next generation of innovators and inventors will require creativity, curiosity and a passion for problem solving.  

Lucky for us, our kids already possess many of these skills, we only need to give them opportunities to grow in their ability; to identify themselves as “good at Math”, great builders and problem solvers.   And, its never too young to get a started.


Summer is a great time to begin to prepare our little ones for a lifetime of inquiry and innovation.    Visit Engineering For Kids Denver’s website for Junior Engineers Summer Camps where all growing engineers build robotic models, motorized vehicles, motorized boats, learn about science and math – and take on the Engineer’s seat. 

Experienced engineering instructors enable kids to face an engineering challenge with confidence, tools and a plan.  They solve engineering problems, create their own toys to play with, explore Science and Math and – mostly, are proud of themselves – because accomplishing something that was hard to do, on your own, is the best feeling EVER.

Join us as we prepare the next generation of engineers to think critically, build independently and explore.  Engineering for Kids Camps put high-tech toys and tools in the hands of young engineers, ages 5 – 6 to help them gain confidence in themselves and gain skills necessary to be successful engineers.engineeringcamps



Register:  Parent Portal

Camp Location:

Engineering For Kids

6972 S Vine Street, Suite 353 Centennial, CO

SouthGlenn Shopping Center, next to the Arapahoe Library

Ages:  5 – 6 Jr. Engineers; 7 -9 Apprentice Engineers; 10 – 14 Master Engineers

Camp Days/Times:

Weekly Camps beginning in June – August

Full and Half Day available

Cost:  $199 half day | $399 Full day

In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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