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The Emily Effect: Family rises from tragedy in effort to help struggling mothers

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The way Emily Cook Dyches died made the headlines, but her husband wants to make sure people understand the way she lived. He is now using her legacy to help other mothers dealing with perinatal mood disorders.

On Feb. 24, Emily Dyches ran in front of a semitruck after her father tried to stop her.

Emily had never experienced depression or anxiety before the birth of her fifth child. She loved being a mother and it wasn’t unusual for her husband to call during the day and hear laughter in her voice as she described not getting much done because she was too busy snuggling and playing with the kids.

This is a must-watch story on the complex issue of perinatal mental health.

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  • comment avatar Alex May 23, 2016

    This is so tragic. Thank you for sharing.

  • comment avatar Sandra May 23, 2016

    My mom struglged with this and I was worried I would have the same condition but am so blessed I didn’t. Moms, get help when you need it. And our medical professionals need to do MORE than what they are doing.