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56 Years Later: Two Women Learn They Were Switched At Birth

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Just when you think you know someone….

The date was May 3, 1953. Two girls (DeeAnn Angell and Kay Rene Reed) with two different families were born at the same hospital in eastern Oregon. When nurses handed Marjorie Angell her newborn daughter, she insisted she had been given the wrong child. The staff shrugged it off. Eventually Marjorie did, too.

DeeAnn and Kay Rene grew up in separate Oregon towns. Being the only brunette in her family, Kay Rene always felt different. DeeAnn had odd feelings of her own — but neither family ever truly questioned their paternity. After Marjorie passed away, Kay Rene’s brother received a call from an 86-year-old woman whom he met in a nursing home who claimed that Kay Rene and DeeAnn were switched at birth. Since DeeAnn and Kay Rene’s parents had all passed away, it was up to the kids to uncover the truth after 56 years.

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