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Camp: How to become a Ninja

Camp: How to become a Ninja

Does your child want to become a Ninja? Follow these five easy steps.

Step 1.

Sign up for National Martial Arts Alliance’s Ninja Summer Camps this summer that are being held in Stapleton and Broomfield. Camp dates are:

Broomfield: July 11-15, August 1-5
Stapleton: June 13-17, July 11-15, August 1-5

ninjaStep 2.

Learn how to be a Ninja at camp by moving quietly, using stealth ninja skills, and sneaking up on people. Learn different Ninja walks that will allow you to move through the bamboo forest (punching bags), sneak through the towns (the school), and how to cut through grass. Learn how to use Ninja weapons that are safe, including ninja stars, rubber ninja knives, and blowguns! All these safe ninja weapons will help you defend your team against the evil Ninjas (the instructors)!

Step 3.

Practice on parents. As a trainee Ninja, you will get “homework” each night to practice your new Ninja skills, such as sneaking up on your parents!

Step 4.

Every day there will be a different Ninja obstacle course you will have to fight your way through. The evil Ninjas have blocked your path and you must use your training to overcome the obstacles – never giving up and using your perseverance! Fight your way through booby traps, jump over castle walls (pads), crawl through the fields, and dodge the evil Ninja’s attacks.

Step 5.

Successfully use all your Ninja training in the big Ninja Battle at the end of the week. All the new Ninjas will split up on teams (which side will you be? Good or Evil?) and try and outsmart the others. You must use all your skills, including your Ninja walks and weapons to come out victorious! Will you survive?

Congratulations! You are a certified National Martial Arts Alliance Ninja!

All camps run 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and cost $225, which includes 5 ninja stars, 1 ninja utility belt, 25 safety darts, 1 blowgun, and 1 one rubber ninja knife. Go to and call today to reserve your spot! 303.968.5500 [email protected]. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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