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Summer Camp Feature: Jedi Camp

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Does your child like Star Wars? Do they want to be a Jedi? Then The National Martial Arts Alliance has the summer camp for you: Jedi Summer Camp designed for kids ages 4-12!

 This Jedi Summer Camp might seem out of this galaxy but is held at four convenient locations: Envision Martial Arts in Evergreen and Lakewood, Venture Martial Arts in Broomfield, and Stapleton Family Karate in Stapleton

 Kids will learn how to become a Jedi (with an emphasis on discipline; by following the rules, focusing their inner Jedi Force, and respecting others) but they will also select their very own red, green or blue light saber that they take home with them at the end of camp.

 Unlike the plastic light sabers from the store (ouch!), these specialized sabers are padded and safe. Not only will your child learn how to duel but they will practice their stealth Jedi moves in obstacle courses where they’ll block laser blasters (Nerf darts) and will play plenty of Jedi games to keep them working hard and having fun all week long!

Camp dates are:

Evergreen: June 13-17, July 18-22

Lakewood: June 27-July 1, August 1-5

Broomfield: June 20-24, August 8-12

Stapleton: June 6-10, June 20-24, August 8-12

The National Martial Arts Alliance is one of Colorado’s premiere Martial Arts school systems, which includes Envision Martial Arts, Venture Martial Arts, and Stapleton Family Karate, that teaches children and families important life skills such as confidence, discipline, respect, and focus. The National Martial Arts Alliance is owned by [Jedi] Master Jody Horn and his wife, Emma [Rey] Horn and together they represent 45 years of martial arts experience and are a dynamic team both on and off the Taekwondo mats.

All camps run 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and cost $250 for the week. All camps are filling up fast. Call today to reserve your spot! 303.968.5500 [email protected].

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