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Contest: Win this charming Tooth Fairy Kit from Fairy Village Books!

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The door to fairy village, in your own house!

The adorable Tooth Fairy Kit was one of the most prompt deliveries I have ever received from Lisa Gordon, a  local Mile High Mama. I guess when you are going to lose a tooth, time is of the essence. She curated this project as a response to her eldest son’s inquiries about the tooth fairy.

Note: It’s definitely best to open or purchase this kit when your child / children are gone so not to reveal any surprise.

toothThe concept comes with a kit. Included are a book, ‘magic door’, and notes from the tooth fairy. The magic door—instant throw back to my childhood dollhouse built by my dad—needs to be installed. Note to parents, the door is meant to be permanently attached to the wall, this might be a hang-up for some, and in that case, they recommend using Command Strips from 3M. The door is no bigger then the length of an adult hand, so don’t think of getting out the power drill. Remember, it’s ‘fairy’ size. Also, I agree with the recommendation of installing the magic door at night so children aren’t tempted to open the door.

Once the fairy door is ‘installed’, it’s time to read the corresponding book. The Tooth Fairy Story is a darling book that takes about 20 minutes to read through with a tooth-loosing-aged child (5 – 8). The book is a collage of what the fairies do behind the magic door. A great read, but I love almost any book with imagination.

The last step of the kit, of course, is when the actual tooth falls out and the magic comes to life. The fairy comes through the door and takes the tooth and leaves whatever it is that your family decides. The kit also comes with notes for the adult to give the child upon first tooth loss (again, best to get or gift this kit before the teeth start falling out).

We’re lucky; Hank the Tank is about to turn seven and still hasn’t lost a tooth. We’ve installed the door and read the book, now it’s time for the fairy to come visit our house.

Fairies are so magical, so gifting this to someone or purchasing around the time the first loose tooth occurs is highly recommended. The entire kit sells for $35 on Gordon’s website, or purchase the book for $12, Custom Color Magic Doors for an additional $5 or a plain door $25. Happy building! 


Saturday, March 19th 10:30-11:30 a.m.  Lisa will be reading her new book, The Tooth Fairy Story as well as signing copies at Second Star to the Right Book Store, 4353 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212.


Mile High Mamas is giving away a Tooth Fairy Kit to one lucky child! You may enter as many as three times and earn additional entries for liking them on Facebook and Twitter

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