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Blue Skies: Summer Camp Memories at Their Best

Blue Skies: Summer Camp Memories at Their Best

Remember summer camp? Blue skies, a clear crystal lake (with cold water, eeek), color wars, and green fields…tennis courts, arts and crafts, nature walks, a brown bear and a blue elephant…main bunk, laughter, friends and amazing memories!

This is what I think of when I am brought back to my seven years spent at sleep-away summer camp. My duffle bags were packed by mid-June with pre-stamped and addressed envelopes (a gentle reminder from my parents to write home each week), brown shorts and blue shirts, my stationary collection (lots of trading of stationary during bunk time), bug spray and my cherished bear, Hector the Protector. I was off to camp until the end of August and was already sad for the summer to end even though it had just begun. My summers in Maine will forever be cherished and memories shared with anyone who wants to listen 

As we approach the summer months, I still like to make a list of what I want to do over the summer (now that summer camp is not an option for me). Living in Colorado has so much to offer and I get excited to make my list of fun things to do. From hiking, to biking to family picnics and walks before sunset, there are not enough hours in the day to pack in all the fun. I love to garden, my husband loves to play golf and if you ask my son Evan what his favorite summer time activity is, he would say doing cannon balls into the pool and splashing everyone around him. Evan’s days are filled with laughter, sports, arts and crafts, meeting new friends, music and drama and so much more. His days are filled with Summer Camp!!

At Great Play of Cherry Creek, we know not everyone can take off the entire summer to attend camp. So we created “mini” camps to ensure that children, regardless of how long they can stay, get to experience the fun of camp! Each of our day long camps throughout the summer offers variety of creativity and excitement so each time the kids come in, they have a new and different experience. How lucky am I that I get to create space every day for summer camp! The bonus for me is that the camps we offer at Great Play are also fantastic for developing agility, motor skills and sports skills. My days at summer camp were not always so focused.

Summer is also a time for the three of us to visit with our families who live out of state. We are lucky enough to spend lazy days at a cabin in MN and non-stop days in New York City. From tubing, to catching frogs, to taking “naps” in the hammock to watching street performers in the park, to seeing the Statue of Liberty, Evan is creating summer memories just like me! I am hoping he will look back on these special summers and have a smile on his face just like his mom.

What’s on your summer do to list? We would love to hear from you. Post your plans on our Facebook page!

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