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Child struggling in school? What makes Denver’s Universal Achievement Tutoring different

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Do you have a child who struggles in school? My bright, hilarious, spirited daughter has always hated math and we’ve had a number of tutors do a great job building her skills since she was in third grade. More than a year ago, I had Jake Gamsky, founder of Universal Achievement Tutoring, reach out to me. I initially put him off but he was persistent and I’m so glad he was.

Last fall, we switched to Universal Achievement Tutoring. From the very start, our sessions with enthusiastic tutor Stacey were different. It wasn’t just about the schoolwork–the Universal Achievement program empowers students to succeed inside AND outside the classroom by incorporating exercise, nutrition education, and positive psychology training into the in-home tutoring sessions. Jake’s philosophy is “These external factors have all been shown to significantly benefit the learning processes in the brain, which results in higher grades and test scores. In addition, our program will improve student focus, motivation, and discipline, lower stress, and increase overall happiness. We want students to not only receive good grades and excel in school, but also to excel in other areas of life as well.”

Stacey became my daughter’s cheerleader and confident. I overheard discussions about what point in her school day stressed her out the most and Stacey helped her develop coping skills. A regular assignment was to write three things every day she does well and the positive self-talk has worked wonders on her academics. While math might always be a struggle, she is becoming more confident in her ability to succeed. As the mother of a kid who has waged many homework battles, I’m so grateful that she has become more accountable and independent  in completing assignments.

What inspired Jake to take this approach? He  is a former college athlete with a B.S. degree in physics and a M.S. in aerospace engineering who has been tutoring formally and informally for about 12 years. “A couple of years ago, I began to realize that sometimes tutoring alone isn’t enough for some students to get ahead in school. I began working to create a program that would take a holistic approach to learning and not just focus on the academic side of the equation. I spent years educating myself on the science behind learning and brain development in order to create a program to help students in Colorado. Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching is the culmination of all the best ideas and information from my research. Having healthier, more motivated, and more academically successful students is advantageous for everyone in Colorado.”

uaA few things UA Tutoring offers:
  • In-home sessions: Their tutors come to you and work with your student in the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible scheduling: You work directly with the tutor to create a schedule that works for your busy life. 
  • Affordable: They have a number of competitive, flexible payment options available that don’t involve long-term contracts or paying in advance of sessions. 
  • Progress reports: They monitor the progress your student is making and provide you with reports so you can see the return on your investment.
  • Research based: All of our training and tutoring philosophies are based on the latest research in the areas of learning, exercise, nutrition, positive psychology, habit formation, willpower, and productivity. 

If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation or to find out more, be sure to go to

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  • comment avatar Sarah January 15, 2016

    I like that tutors are starting to get that learning is so much more than about academics..there are so many things that factory into it.

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