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Winter Is Here: Authors of “What Teenage Drivers Don’t Know: Unwritten Rules of the Road” Share Cold Weather Driving Safety Tips

John Harmata and Paul Zientarski, authors of “What Teenage Drivers Don’t Know: Unwritten Rules of the Road,” understand that parents of young drivers have one more thing to worry about when snow begins to fly and icy cold grips the land. Along with the major driving holidays, bad weather contributes to a significant number of accidents on the nation’s roadways. The lessons and insights Harmata and Zientarski share in their book are effective in any weather, but especially so in the tough conditions of winter.

“Snow and ice present some of the biggest challenges to any driver,” says Harmata, “but taking the right precautions and following a few simple steps can keep even young drivers safe. Our book covers all aspects of being a safe, mindful driver, from trip planning to how to respond in an emergency.”

Before the Trip

Preparation is everything when driving through bad weather like winter storms and frigid cold. A thorough maintenance inspection before leaving home can save lots of grief later. Teen drivers should learn how to check tire pressure and wear, fluid levels, heater, headlamps and brake lights. Preparation also means carefully planning one’s route and leaving extra time so there’s no rush.

teendriver“Don’t leave home without a charged cell phone,” adds Harmata, “and don’t take a long journey without letting people know where you’re going and when you expect to arrive.”

Being prepared also means having the right tools on hand for a worst-case scenario, such as breaking down or being trapped by a blizzard. A well-stocked roadside emergency kit should include the following:

  • Jumper Cables
  • Flashlights
  • Road Flares
  • Shovel and Broom
  • Blankets
  • Water and Snacks

Safety on the Road

Seat belts are the single most important safety feature in a vehicle, but they’re only effective when everyone wears them. On long trips, teen drivers should take regular breaks to stretch, get in touch with family, and change drivers if possible. Winter weather presents the most stressful and tiring driving conditions, so “marathon” sessions behind the wheel are not recommended for anyone.

Sometimes, not driving at all is the safest option. If a bad storm is on the way or ongoing, consider delaying or cancelling a trip. To that end, listen to local law news regarding road closures and other public advisories.

What to Do in an Emergency

Breaking down or getting stuck during a storm can be scary, but remembering some practical tips can help everyone be safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends staying with the vehicle and not exerting oneself. Orange safety triangles, bright patches of fabric on the antenna or windows, and road flares are all means of letting the authorities know that people are stuck in a vehicle and in need of assistance. Most importantly, never run a car’s engine for long periods when it’s not moving – carbon monoxide can build up to deadly levels inside the vehicle. Turn the car on only long enough to warm the cabin, and ensure the exhaust pipe is clear of snow.

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What To Do When Your Kids Fight

Sibling rivalry is inevitable.  In fact, in the 2-4 age group, kids will have some kind of fight every 6.3 minutes.  That is almost 10 fights an hour! What can parents do to help resolve sibling conflict and form deeper bonds between their children?
Kids in the House shares 4 expert tips on how to help your kids get along:
1.     Never compare your kids
The number one issue that causes lasting resentment between siblings is parental comparison.  When a parent compares one child to another, what that child understands is that they are not good enough. This creates conflict between siblings and can increase tensions in the household.

2.     Do not tolerate sibling bullying
Sibling bullying is the most common type of bullying: 75% of kids report being bullied by a sibling. This type of bullying can be extremely harmful and create lasting trauma for kids.  It is up to parents to nip any negative behavior in the bud and emphasize mutual respect before the bullying gets out of hand.

3.     Hold weekly family meetings
Family meetings are a great opportunity for everyone in the family to air their grievances.  They are a time for families to gather and freely communicate with each other without repercussions. Family meetings can be an opportunity for family members to apologize to each other and eliminate any bad feelings that may have built up during the week.

4.     Mediate but do not judge
When parents intervene in sibling arguments, it is important that they do so in a constructive and unbiased way, and allow their children to resolve their own problems.  One way to mediate a sibling argument is to frame the issue and restate each child’s position, and then allow them to problem solve together.

Remember parents, the effort you put into helping your kids to get along now will pay off big in the future – a positive relationship with a brother or a sister in childhood, will result in a best friend for life!  

10 Fabulous Eats & Treats to Celebrate the Broncos’ Superbowl Bid!

Denver has a lot to celebrate as the Denver Broncos advance to Super Bowl 50. There’s no better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with food. And a lot of it. Here are some of our favorite ideas  that will make your party a hit!

Game Day Colored Candy Popcorn custom colored to the Broncos from Our Best Bites.





This Superbowl Nacho Bar is easy to do, and who wouldn’t get excited about making their own nachos?




These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs are made with eggless cookie dough and are the perfect no bake treat for the Superbowl.




Food Network Kitchen has created some new twists on a classic party snack: pigs in blankets. Try their breakfast version with biscuit dough and maple syrup, or make a Cajun-andouille rendition complete with spicy remoulade. They’ve also dressed their piggies up in Italian, Mexican and French disguises.




This DIY pennant banner is SO easy to do and it’s worth the extra charm.




Play-calling is E-A-S-Y when your starting lineup is this good. Pillsbury shares 5 Game Day Skillet Dips That Crush It: Easy Taco Bean Dip, Spinach-Alfredo Dip, Easy Skillet Pizza Dip, Peanut Butter S’mores Dip and 15-Minute Buffalo Chicken.




Need a special orange cocktail for your Broncos Superbowl party?! Denver food blogger What’s for Dinner, Gena combined the dreamy flavors of orange, cream and vanilla to create her favorite Broncos football party cocktail that she has named the “Orange Crush-sicle.”



What’s Superbowl Sunday without chicken wings? Don’t miss these 15 Fantastic Chicken Wing Recipes – baked, grilled or fried! From classic Honey Garlic to Blueberry Barbecue or Baked Kung Pao.




There is nothing like a plate full of crispy potato skins, filled with melty cheddar cheese, and topped with bacon bits, sour cream and green onions from Simply Recipes




Superbowl doesn’t have to be allllll about the calories. Closet Cooking shares these recipes are lighter without sacrificing anything in the way of flavor!




If you’re a totally over-the-top Broncos fan, your family can take on this fun family project of creating your very own Snack Stadium!! 


And be sure to invite me to the party.

Snow Mountain Ranch: Colorado’s most affordable dog sledding and fat bike foibles

If you’re going to die (of laughter) I highly suggest bareling into a three-foot grave of snow.  My friend Sheree were attempting Snow Mountain Ranch’s new Fat Bkes and were on our umpteenth wipe-out as we sluggishly plowed through the powder playground.

tubingI’ve long touted YMCA of the Rockies’ two locations–Snow Mountain Ranch (between Winter Park and Grand Lake) and the Estes Park Center–as Colorado’s most affordable and fun vacations. My family has been to Snow Mountain Ranch’s 5,100-acre expanse several times but we upped the fun factor by inviting two other families to join us in our revelries. We had the time of our lives–from a free movie (Nemo) in the Programs building to dog sledding to tubing, cross-country skiing and biking at the Nordic Center, to colorful creations at the Craft Shop to late-night Scrabble showdowns at Indian Peaks Lodge to rollerskating, archery, basketball, volleyball, ping, ping pong, archery and rock climbing in the Kiva Center (click top image for slideshow).

All these activities were within a 24-hour period so were intermingled with a few exhausted meltdowns (from parents and kids) because every amazing vacation needs some healthy doses of reality, right?

Colorado’s most affordable dog sledding

Now in its fourth season, Snow Mountain Ranch’s chapelain Steve Peterson has made dog sledding accessible to a broader audience. While most dog sledding outfitters start at $150/person,  SMR is just $30.  Longer, advanced routes or group sessions are also available but the standard ride is offered twice weekly and is a fantastic option for first-time riders ages 6 and older.

dogsledWe registered the week prior but were told to arrive at the Doade Library well before the 8:30 a.m. presentation to add our names to the list to determine our riding order. Our 30-minute orientation by Steve is open was as informative as it was entertaining as he reviewed the terminology of mushing such as the gang and tug lines,  shared a few entertaining horror stories of his own learning curve, as well as an inspiring message about the importance of the lead dogs, being leaders in our communities and perseverance. Following his overview, we waited. Our group was smack in the middle of the 26 time slots so we stayed entertained by watching a movie, downing hot cocoa, burning s’mores by the firepit and making darling dog sled Popsicle stick and necklace crafts. Even if you’re not dog sledding, anyone can attend the presentation and do crafts.

Each sled can carry up to 250 pounds in addition to the driver so my husband and I went separately. My kids rode together with my son in the front bucket with the musher in the middle and my daughter standing on the back rails. They had the privilege of dog sledding a couple of years ago in Breckenridge so I was worried their experience along this 2-mile loop would be anti-climactic but I needn’t have fretted. Following their thrilling ride, they proclaimed they’re “Mushers for Life.”

As I boarded my sled, the dogs errupted in pandemonium, which was  replaced by a sense of sudden, efficient shared purpose. They took off, the tow line snapped taut and I nearly fell backward as I clung for dear life. Almost immediately the pace slowed as the dogs ran quietly, tongues flapping, paws flashing. The weather was idyllic as we soared across that snowy expanse under a chemical-blue sky in a white-flecked pine forest. Our sled dogs obediently responded to our mushing commands “Gee!” “Haw,”  first turning right, then left as we flew across those tussocks of tundra-like landscape in a flash of sheer mountain majesty. 

Fat Bike Delusions of Grandeur

Every time I bike through a Colorado resort town in winter, I see locals braving baneful conditions on their Fat Bikes with sturdy tires the size of snowcats. In my Canadian-born (insane) mind I think, “that looks like fun!” Fat Bikes are certainly entertaining but are a lot of other adjectives, too. Tiring. Hilarious. Humbling. 

Snow Mountain Ranch is in its first full season with their Fat Bike Program. The bikes come in three different adults sizes and are available for rent at the Nordic Center: $60/full day, $40 half day or $20/hour.  My friend Sheree and I figured one hour would be enough time to conquer the 10 km of trails dedicated to Fat Bikes and I ignorantly tossed my map to the side. That was my first mistake. Sheree’s first mistaken was following me–guns and Fat Bike blazing–down the steep hill in front of the Nordic Center.

We started strong along the narrow path but not even 10 minutes into the ride, I heard a squeal, followed by silence and turned to see Sheree and her bike buried. “How did that happen?” I wondered but five seconds later, my tire veered an inch off the path and I, too was in the dunk. We learned very quickly that on either side of the soft-pack narrow trail was three feet of softer, fluffy powder that doubled as a sticky mosh pit. As long as we stayed on the trail, we were OK…until we encountered other variables, such as hikers’ footprints and then our wheels got stuck, we would pedal viciously and then our bikes tipped over.

After a particularly difficult patch, I was relieved to see a small hill with smooth trail. “I’ve got this” as I brazenly plowed downhill and all was going well until my tire veered slightly off the trail, it sunk about 10 inches and my bike and I flipped over in a move only attempted by Cirque du Soleil performers. Besides my pride, I was unhurt but that was when we acknowledged “We have a problem, Houston.”fatbike1

Sheree and I turned around soon thereafter and continued to slide ‘n slide away. As we we neared the Nordic Center she had yet another wipeout and just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did when we realized we had an audience. Perched atop the hill was our beloved family. Our two sweet boys raced down to greet us and trailed us back up the hill. 

We later learned that we had taken the most advanced route possible while our friend Andrew, himself an advanced rider, took a leisurely, hard-packed loop near the Nordic Center and his breezy, easy ride was a much different experience that didn’t include face-plant snow angels.

His loss. I haven’t laughed so hard in years.


Many of Snow Mountain Ranch’s activities are free with lodging and day passes are available for those who don’t stay overnight.  Accommodation rates vary depending upon the time of year and day of the week. Lodge rooms start at $79, 2-bedroom cabins at $159 and 3-bedroom vacation homes at $259. Guests staying in lodge rooms receive two free breakfasts for each night booked. Yurts are $99/night and campsites start at $49/night.

Parting Words

The only thing that sucked about Snow Mountain Ranch?swing

The tire swing.

Playdates: Mom dating at its finest

Dating always totally sucked. You have to find someone who shares mutual interests and beliefs with you. Someone who you are comfortable with, and just generally enjoys the presence of this other human being.  I thought this whole “seeking someone” thing was over when I got married to the man my dreams. Well, it turns out finding play dates is a lot like dating and it’s hard to find them. There needs to be a Mom Tinder.

There is so much thought that goes into this whole play date process when you’ve never met this person before. You wonder what the mom will be like and how you will interact with her?  What if they don’t vaccinate?  What about the kid: What if the baby is a total jerk? What if my kid is a total jerk? Do I smell weird? What if I get forehead sweat?! What if I have to poop?

Yeah, all of that ran through my head well I was driving the 2.6 miles to my very first almost blind playdate. Luckily I had been talking to this mom since September of 2014. The crazy thing is we belong to the same birth board on BabyCenter and we often commented on mutual posts. A few months ago there was a post about finding a mom friend. Basically people were sharing the cities they lived in to try and make connections with local people. I know, not the safest idea but what the hell. We were both in the same city! We messaged one another for a few days and then moved our conversation over to Instagram. We had discussed getting together but between holidays, sicknesses, and just downright busy lives we kept putting it off. This week we FINALLY scheduled a time to get no only our kids together, but us too. I read her blog, so I already knew we had mutual interests, but they still didn’t change the fact that I was nervous.

 I told my husband B and he so kindly pointed out the fact that this lady could totally be a serial killer. I rolled my eyes and said she, “She seems totally normal.”

His response then was “I bet that lady who stabbed the pregnant woman from Craigslist seemed normal too.” REALLY?! That totally made my anxiety better… NOT. 

But regardless of my nervous diarrhea and anxiety, I got into my car, and headed over there. My hands were clammy as I turned my steering wheel into her driveway. “I can do this.” I muttered to myself. I got Tater out of the car and saw her standing in the doorway. I was as nervous as a 15-year-old boy picking up his first homecoming date.

Then it happened. I came inside and there was no chainsaw or weird torture device. There was not a crazy mural of Nicolas Cage on the walls. In fact, the house was beautiful and smelled like Christmas. We brought the babies into the living room and hit it off. We talked, laughed, and I generally enjoyed her company. I did it! I survived my first blind playdate!   I never knew going on a playdate would work someone up so much. Who knew that “Mom Dating” was totally a thing?

 With my first “blind play date” out of the way I totally feel more confident with doing all this again. 

Minus the nervous diarrhea.

Sammie is a first-time mom, full of snark and coffee. Her blog includes ways to save, recipes, crafts, and sometime the occasional rant. Visit her blog at

Roots Elementary: The radical approach this new charter school is taking

Not all students are created equally and that is the goal of Roots Elementary in Northeast Park Hill, a community-supported public charter school that is not only breaking barriers but it is downright crushing them with a radical new approach to time, talent and technology to create custom learning experiences for their scholars.  After four years of planning, Roots Elementary is currently in its first year for K-1, Choice Enrolling grades K-2 for 2016-17, and will add a new grade every year through fifth grade.

I’m an advocate of charter schools. I’m also an advocate of district-run schools. My kids have been enrolled in both and I’ve come to learn that while many charter and district-run schools are successful, others aren’t.  Each child’s aptitude and learning style is so unique that it’s thrilling the Denver-area has so many options.

I sat down with Director of Operations and Innovation Jill Carty to discuss Roots Elementary, whose mission is to “empower all children to determine who they are and who they will become by providing an exceptionally personalized, rigorous and joyful education.” The First round of Choice enrollment ends Jan. 29, 2016, and Roots will continue to enroll this Spring.

Jon Hanover

Jon Hanover

What was the inspiration behind Roots Elementary?

We spent four years in the design and planning of our school, which was inspired by our principal Jon Hanover’s extensive consulting work at other charter schools around the country. His role was to help solve common challenges, primarily around personalizing the school experience for every child. Students learn better when they’re engaged and the best way to do this is to make learning relevant to their world and appropriate to where they are in their development in the curriculum. Each student is a different learner…but many schools are set up for them to all have the same instructional experience.

Hanover began to engage with those school leaders and mentors pondering the question: what would it would take to not just use the traditional model and squeeze personalization into it but if you were to start from scratch, what would that look like? What can you reimagine school to be? What do your classrooms look like? Hanover’s vision was for school to be more fluid and have more choices. He spent three years planning and testing out schedules and piloting tools for every student to have their own personal schedule–no two students at Roots have the same one. He took away the age-based learning approach and broke it down concept by concept, moving students along a path of knowledge at their own pace.

If I was to visit the school, what would I find?

Roots Elementary looks very different from the moment you walk in. Instead of self-contained classrooms where you have the same 25 kids with their single teacher, Roots has a large, open space called The Grove that is designed for 100 students. You’ll find a mix of large open spaces almost Montessori-esque and smaller classes along the periphery. In The Grove, there are five centers: (1) the Writing Center (personal narratives, library, books to their level), (2) the iPad center includes 30-45 min/day engaging in digital content that is selected for where they are in the curriculum, (3) the Flex Center has a lot of the hands-on activities and manipulatives where activities are done in small groups or pairs (4) In the Maker Center, we are building the engineers of tomorrow by designing structures or using a real-life design and adding details we we build the engineers of tomorrow through electric circuitry and programming, and finally (5) the Library, where scholars are reading on their own or with a buddy, at the exact right lexile level for their growth.



We are adding a grade every year until we are a K-5 school and are currently enrolling K-2 for 2016-17, which means more Groves as we grow. Every Grove has eight teachers who are team teaching 100 students so the ratio is 13:1, and will stay constant as we scale.  Four of the eight teachers are Academic Content teachers, and unlike a kindergarten teacher who knows a bit of each content area at the Kindergarten level, we have dedicated content teachers who know their content from Pre-K through 3rd grade, which allows each teacher to truly extend instruction for scholars who are advanced. We are Common Core aligned, but do not let age restrict students from moving on to more challenging content. Two of our eight teachers in each Grove are Habits of Success Coaches, who are fully licensed lead teachers dedicated entirely to social/emotional learning. Coaches split the Grove in half, getting to know 50 families each. They meet with each scholar one-on-one every two weeks to review, set goals and see how their cycle needs to change.  They keep a close eye on involving parents to ensure growth is happening, and do home visits over the summer to get to know each of their families.

What keeps students on-track and learning?

Technology is an important way we define schedules.  Every student has an iPad and each teacher who is monitoring the Grove shows students who’s supposed to be where and when. Teachers see in real time who’s checked in so that we can “take attendance” and hold scholars accountable for being in the right place, working on the right task.

What classes are offered?

We have math, reading, writing and science. We also offer performing arts which an element of Spanish language. On the social/emotional side, the Coaches also teach twenty minutes of “Morning Circle” every morning, which is a time for scholars to build community, talk about character-building traits like empathy and integrity, as well as our GROW values: Grit, Relationships, Ownership, and Wonder.

What kind of students go to Root Elementary?

As a charter school, everyone is choice enrolled from all over the city. We don’t have any sort of geographic preference rolled into our lottery rules. That being said, right now half of our scholars are close enough to walk to school, and the rest come from other parts of Denver and a few from Aurora.

ROOTS-A Day In The Life Of A Student.Final Cut.01072016 from 2Revolutions on Vimeo.

What are parents saying the like about the program?

Parents rave that their kids have never loved going to school as much as they do here. This is critical in early elementary, where kids are deciding if school and learning are things that they enjoy. If they lose that passion for learning early on, it’s hard to get it back later in life when continuous development and self-improvement is so critical for success.  Parents also like that we are teaching our scholars how to own their learning in order to accomplish their goals, the same way they will need to in college and beyond.

Can you please give us details about how choice enrollment works?

There are two rounds to DPS’s SchoolChoice process. Round 1 ends on January 29th, and Round 2 will begin sometime in mid-March. In both Rounds, families complete a form listing their preference for their child’s enrollment, out of any public school in the district (including charter schools). There is an online version of the form, but we personally prefer it if families bring in a hard copy of the form to school so that we can scan it over to DPS and give the family a copy for their records. If a school is overenrolled after Round 1, students will be selected based on a lottery, and any enrollments after that will be on the school’s waitlist. We have a lot of demand for Round 1, but we also have a lot of seats to fill as we’re doubling in size next year! I think we’ll have seats open in Round 2, but Round 2 is first come first serve, so we’re asking families to come in for a tour in February and early March if they are interested in learning more about our program.  Go to for more information. -In partnership with Mile High Mamas

A new year, a new school? Tips & resources for open enrollment

Are you participating in the open enrollment dance this year? You know, that frantic round of school tours, phone calls, coffee chats with other parents, stealth visits to schools to observe kids on the playground…

If you are considering sending your child to a school other than the one in your neighborhood, then yes, you may be doing some or all of these things.

Believe it or not, there are ways to prepare yourself for making the best school choice for your child. Long gone are the days when your child was required to attend your neighborhood school (although it’s great when the neighborhood school is the right fit).

Sititng Down with Christine Chang: Former 7News Anchor Turned SAHM

It’s been a year since Christine Chang stepped away from the 7News anchor desk and put on her full-time mom hat. We sat down to interview her about her transition from a busy, Emmy-award-winning anchor and reporter to stay-at-home home.


Do you miss it?
That’s the question I often get asked when I meet someone who watches the weekend morning shows on Denver 7. The answer isn’t that simple. After all, I’ve been in television news for more than 18 years. 11 of those years at Channel 7 as a news anchor/reporter. I went to college for this dream job. I wanted to be the next Ann Curry from the Today Show! I was young, driven and ready to take on the world. 
After my husband and I were blessed with our son Rylan in December of 2013, something inside of me changed. You hear it all the time from moms. Some say, I can’t ever see myself staying home. Others say the opposite. For me, I was open to whatever “feeling” I might have because I didn’t know anything different. My routine: waking up at one in the morning, downing two cups of coffee, putting on makeup half asleep and getting ready to be on-air. My career always came first. I’ve worked almost every Christmas and Thanksgiving while in news. Thinking back, I’m so thankful my parents were able to come visit me for the holidays!
After my son turned one, I took a break from the career roller coaster and hopped on a slower moving train. Boy was I wrong about one thing. That train has been anything but slow! I’m apologizing now to all the stay-at-home moms for ever thinking your job was a breeze. For thinking you get to work out any time you want, have lunch with friends, sleep in and just focus on raising a child. I was wrong. Coming from a type A person who always has a list of things to do and feels accomplished only when I go beyond what is expected (yes, I’m  a perfectionist).. this past year has humbled me and made me appreciate my own mom more.
It took me an entire year to finally breathe with more confidence as a full-time mom. I even taught myself to cook! I cooked more than 260 days last year, sometimes two to three new recipes a day! I found myself baking cookies after my husband and son were both in bed because it would be my quiet time. The truth is I found a new passion: creating beautiful dishes for my family and friends to enjoy makes my heart smile. 
So do I miss my news career you ask? I miss the people and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in television news. Those years are memories I will always treasure. But I’m happy and this time with my son and family I know I will never regret. Who knows what’s next! I’d love to do something more food and family focused. For now, I’m just learning to appreciate each moment and thanking God for all the blessings. 
Find Christine Chang at; Instagram: justchristinechang

Denver Deal: Newsies, Baskin Robbins, Free Days and More

Broncos fever has overtaken our house. Yes, we were screaming (as were our neighbors) after the Broncos win on Sunday. We have already started planning the SuperBowl party! Congrats to the Broncos. I understand why people root for sports teams – it does bring people together. It brings an entire city together. 

Free Days:

  • Sunday and Monday, Jan 31 & Monday, Feb 1 – Denver Zoo
  • Tuesday, Feb 2 –Chatfield Farms

Noodles and Company. The last day to get the kids eat free at Noodles is on Jan 28 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at  Noodles & Company. Get a free kids meal with the purchase of any regular entrée at participating locations. The kids menu includes spaghetti & meatballs, mac & cheese, buttered noodles and grilled chicken breast, as well as a drink and two sides. There will also be fun for kiddos during that time!

Baskin RobbinsBaskin-Robbins is holding its first “Celebrate 31” promotion of 2016 on Sunday, January 31. Throughout the year, on the 31st of each month, guests can enjoy all regular and kids scoops for just $1.31 and two-scoop sundaes for $3.31 at participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide.

Pretzel Maker. Tuesdays through January grab a pretzel for just $1 at Pretzel Maker

Del Taco. We love to get their three taco deal on Taco Tuesday (#TacoTuesday) three tacos for just $1.29. Del Taco is introducing their Chicken Rollers so you get one for just $1 with any $3 purchase.  

Newsies. The Disney musical Newsies is coming to Denver! (Yay!) The musical is based on the newsboys strike in New York City in 1899. Get your tickets now for their special Kids’ Night on Broadway, Mar 24 at 6:30pm. Kids get the star treatment. Kids get a free ticket with a full paying adult (Purchase with code KNOBNEWSIES)*, Kids eat free at Hard Rock Cafe. Not only do you get to see a great show but there are also family activities in the theater lobby. Join me. BUY NOW *Restrictions apply and are listed on the website. 

Punchbowl Social. Another school holiday is coming up you might need an idea to keep busy with the kids. Why not head over to Punch Bowl Social at 65 Broadway for free kids bowling on Monday, February 15th?  From 11am – 2pm kids under 15 years old bowl free, they just need to be accompanied by a parent or adult. There’s plenty of other activities to enjoy at Punch Bowl Social including ping pong, (one of my faves) skee-ball, private karaoke rooms, vintage arcade & pinball games and shuffleboard. Check out the shareable punches (available in kid-friendly non-alcoholic options), decadent floats and milkshakes and tasty lunch items including the popular Chicken & Waffles, Adobo Marinated Mushroom Tacos and Seared Tuna & Soba Noodles for the grown-ups.

Plum Consignment. One of my favorite consignment stores in town, Plum Consignment is having a sale! It is a progressive sale get 30% off this week (next week it goes up to 40% and 50% the week of Feb 10) on seasonal merchandise. 


Christy Sports Clearance Sale. Christy Sports has Skis, Snowboards and winter apparel at up to 50% off! 

Winter Ski Directory. We’re thrilled to launch the Colorado Family Ski/Ride Directory that focuses exclusively on families–from daily lift ticket prices to the cost of childcare to where to get the best deals….all in one convenient place so you can compare and contrast. 


Email me if you know of any great Denver deals!

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Kids Eat Free Mile High Mamas has rounded up a huge listing of local restaurants where kids eat free or for a discount with a paying adult.


15 Best Kids Movies in 2016

Let’s go to the movies! From Kung Foo Panda 3 to Finding Dory to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there are some fabulous new releases to look forward to in 2016. Of course, dates are subject to change because it’s Hollywood, where the only guarantees are the unpredictable! 

1. Norm of the North

Release date: January 15, 2016

2. Greater

Release date: January 20, 2016

3. Kung Fu Panda 3

Release date: January 29, 2016

4. Zootopia 

Release date: March 4, 2016

5. The Jungle Book

Release date: April 15, 2016

6. Alice Through the Looking Glass

Release date: May 27, 2016

7. Finding Dory

Release date: June 17, 2016

8. Ice Age: Collision Course

Release date: July 22, 2016

9. The BFG

Release date: July 1, 2016

10. Pete’s Dragon

Release date: August 12, 2016

11. Trolls 

Release date:  November 4, 2016

12. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Release date: November 18, 2016

13. Moana 

Release date: November 23, 2016

14. The Little Mermaid

Release date: TBD

15. Jumanji 2

Release date: December 25, 2016