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Retail Marijuana & Youth – Promote Responsibility This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us and that means vacation, sleeping in, making memories with family and friends, and snow. Lots of it (Mother Nature: please cooperate!)

Chances are that you and your family members are either hosting or attending holiday parties. Since retail marijuana is now legal in Colorado, there is the possibility that you and your children may be around friends and family members who use. Your children may be curious about how this affects them. Openly talking about retail marijuana is one-way to help keep our youth safe this holiday season.

Start by having a conversation with your child about underage marijuana use — in addition to how marijuana impacts brain development, there are legal consequences to consider as well. Be sure to keep the conversation open so they can come to you with questions/concerns.

Good to Know, a  campaign from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has a variety of resources to help parents have informed, open and honest conversations. These conversations are critical to ensure our youth have the information they need to make healthy decisions.

A few other things you and your family need to know about marijuana this holiday season.

  • DUID: Driving while under the influence of marijuana can lead to a DUID.
  • Safe storage tips: Keep marijuana in the home out of reach of children; store all marijuana products in a locked area out of reach and out of sight; keep marijuana products in the same child resistant packaging they came in from the store
  • Set expectations: Talk to visiting adult family and friends who may be visiting about your home’s rules and expectations regarding marijuana and safe storage

How can you prevent your child from using marijuana? There is no magic bullet for preventing underage drug use, but having informed, responsible conversations with your children from an early age is an important start. 

And, remember, with retail marijuana legal in the state of Colorado for users over the age of 21, whether you choose to use or not, the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s always good to know about the laws and health effects regarding retail marijuana. And during the holiday party season, it’s important to remember that marijuana and alcohol don’t mix.

Have a safe holiday!goodtoknow1

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