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A “Once Upon a Time” Preschool Experience!

A “Once Upon a Time” Preschool Experience!

As a mom of two little girls, I know the difficulty in finding the “just right” school.  As a parent, you want to do what is right for your child, but there is always a fear of “will the teachers take good care of my little one? Will my child have fun and get to play? Will my children be ready for kindergarten? Will they learn to love education and develop the positive skills for lifelong learning?” 

At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Pre-school, we have gone above and beyond to answer these questions for our parents.  As the owner and program director, I am passionate about ensuring each child has the best first years of education.  My background is in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and I know the value of a good early childhood education.  Having the necessary tools and skills to learn and grow sets each child up for success in elementary school. And ultimately, that is what we provide.

sunshineparentsMy husband, Jordon, and I saw a need for early childhood educational schools in the Littleton area. We are so excited to be able to provide this school for families in South Denver.  With an innovative atmosphere, home-like environment, and a strong curriculum, we maintain an identity and brand image of unrivaled distinction in early childhood education. Our facilities serve as a castle for a “Once Upon A Time” experience that enables each child to develop their imagination.

We use industry-leading technology in our programs to provide exclusive services such as our Kiddie Cams™ and LuvNotes™! Our Kiddie Cams™ serve as a gateway for parents into to peer into the classroom, as parents are able to watch their children from their computer or phone during the day.  Our LuvNotes™ system offers an electronic form of communication to let parents hear from and speak with their child’s educator.

Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to involve students with hands-on activities to help them develop a great sense of curiosity about the world and a passion for education! This promotes students who will thrive as individuals and become life-long learners!  The curriculum we created, Creatively Shine™, does just that.  This curriculum is a whole-child approached, Reggio Emilia inspired, project based curriculum that features that. With a focus on whole child development, active participation and even extracurricular activities such as music, foreign language, physical education, and more, we provide a comprehensive educational experience.

Our curriculum also spotlights social and emotional development that helps children learn to interact with each other, which is especially crucial for little ones. We also place an emphasis on STEM ( development. At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, we want to find what each child’s strengths are so we are able to help them grow and feel comfortable in the educational setting.  We strive to promote a positive learning environment, as we know that children are naturally curious and we want to ignite the potential within them!    

Follow the magic to Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and let your child’s creativity and imagination grow with us.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the preschool that opens Spring 2016, please call me, Chelsea, at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse (303) 973-8589, or visit In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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