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have a family concierge for the holidays

You, Too, Can Have a Family Concierge (And Here’s $100 Toward One)

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While traveling, have you ever brought a problem to the hotel concierge and voilá, you have an answer, guidance beyond what an Internet search can get you?

What if you could get solutions to your household problems when you’re NOT on a business trip?

allison woodsonLet me introduce Allison Woodson. A former nanny, Allison has recently opened Your Family Concierge. She hopes to reach ordinary moms and dads who sometimes feel overwhelmed by projects, by research, by decisions, by ongoing demands.

Overwhelmed? That has my name all over it. I had a whole bunch of back-burner projects I’d been too busy and paralyzed to move on. So when I heard about Allison’s services, I decided to give her a try.

  • My husband had two old, malfunctioning cell phones and were open to a new plan with a new carrier. My head hurt thinking about all the research I’d have to do, the comparisons I’d have to make. Allison to the rescue. She researched major carriers and pre-paid services, as well as deals on the latest phones. She not only came back to me with facts; she also gave me a bottom-line recommendation. This saved me hours of time and brain power. We are now happy Samsung/Verizon campers.
  • Next, one of our children is seeking a tutor. Allison has given me several contacts based on our criteria. With candidates being screened for the basics, now we can choose based on personality fit.
  • Lastly, Allison has gotten me out of our dinner rut with new recipes. Each week, she sends me 3-4 new recipes based on our intake interview. Slow cooker dishes, healthful yet easy recipes, meals that require only minimal ingredients. My family and I are all grateful to her for this. Here’s a sample. (One-Pot Sweet Potato, Bacon & Sage Pasta).

christmas ornamentCheck out the à la carte services Allison is offering for the holidays. Do any of these things stress you out?

  • Gifts:  shopping, wrapping, shipping, storage
  • Decorating: indoor, outdoor, lighting, crafts
  • Party planning: recipes, shopping lists, meal prep

Bah, humbug — me, too. Allison can find solutions for you and lower your holiday stress level.

Here’s what a concierge doesn’t do. Just like a hotel concierge will point you toward the laundromat but not actually do your laundry, I learned that Allison isn’t the one to tutor your kids or shop for your meals or prep your ingredients. She helps streamline your processes and offers vetted resources for others whom you may hire.

Your Family Concierge runs $209/month with a $50 contract fee (3 month minimum). For a limited time Mile High Mamas readers can get $50 off their first month AND have the $50 contract fee waived. Contact Allison by December 5, 2015 and mention Mile High Mamas.

Your ToDo list and your stress levels will thank you.


Lori Holden's book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open AdoptionLori Holden, mom of a tween son and a teen daughter, blogs from Denver at Her book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole, is available through your favorite online bookseller and makes a thoughtful gift for the adoptive families in your life, especially during November, National Adoption Awareness Month. Disclosure: I received complimentary services for purposes of an honest review.

Lori Holden
Author: Lori Holden

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