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7 Unexpected Perks of Pregnancy

7 Unexpected Perks of Pregnancy

It’s easy to begin feeling down about pregnancy, especially when the sleeplessness and swelling kicks in, but there are also up sides to being pregnant (other than the wonderful little human growing inside you, of course). To cheer you up, here are seven unexpected perks enjoyed by pregnant women:

That Pregnancy Glow

A combination of prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones can result in some pretty hefty beauty benefits. Many women have noticeably stronger and longer nails and their hair becomes luminous, healthy, and shiny. Most women also notice a difference in their skin, which becomes smooth and shiny.

A New Wardrobe

Yep, being pregnant means getting to buy a whole new wardrobe without any guilt. And there are some really cute maternity clothes out there these days. Lots of cute dresses, skirts, and tops and you get to take your pick without worrying about spending too much on yourself for once.

Naps Are Encouraged

Doctored ordered naptime? Yes, please! Pregnant women need plenty of rest. After all, growing a person can take a lot out of you, so naps are encouraged. This is a definite perk, as the people around you actually expect you to take naps. Total bliss.

Lots of Shopping

Being pregnant pretty much equates to nine glorious months of shopping. Shopping for clothes, baby gear, furniture, décor. You name it and odds are you or baby are going to need it. This adds up to lots and lots of shopping. Enough said.

People Are So Nice

Most people are super nice to you when you are pregnant. Your hubby freely offers back and foot rubs and lets you pick what’s for dinner every night. Your mother calls to check on you three times a day and constantly asks if you need anything, and if you say yes she actually gets it for you. All of your co-workers watch over you and bring you whatever you need, no need to get up. Yes, bask in the glory of all the attention now because baby will be here soon to steal the show.

A Built-in Scapegoat

Don’t really feel like going to Aunt Bertha’s Tupperware party or your third cousin twice removed’s wedding (to her fourth husband?!)? No problem, you’re pregnant so you are automatically excused. Just uttering a weak “I’m feeling pretty tired today” is all it takes to get you out of attending whatever event you really don’t want to have to suffer through. Being pregnant is like having a get out of jail free card. Enjoy it while you can – it expires in nine months.


That’s right, cleavage. If you have always felt that the girls were a little lackluster, you will be happy to know that pregnancy does wonders in this area. As you enter the later months of pregnancy your breasts will get larger, rounder, and perkier. You may finally achieve the look you have always dreamed of.

kayleenThere is so much focus on the negative when it comes to pregnancy – the morning sickness and other symptoms that cause discomfort and the complications that can arise – but don’t forget to put some focus on the positive parts as well. Being pregnant is a truly special time, relax and enjoy it!

Kayleen is a first-time mom to a beautiful baby boy.  She loves documenting the struggles, adventures, and hilarity of motherhood at Then Came Baby and can’t wait to connect with all you Mamas!

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  1. I wish I’d read this while I was pregnant. It would have made me take better advantage of the situation. 🙂


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