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The Mama Sagas: Don’t be conservative with the stool softeners

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As anyone who’s gone through it will tell you, preparing for your first childbirth experience isn’t just about setting up a nursery and packing a bag. There are a few (WAY) more important items to have on hand for when the big day arrives.

The Mama Sagas is a Denver-based online video series dedicated to empowering moms through shared experiences and expert solutions. With humor, honesty, and raw emotion as our foundation, we’re building a supportive community of mamas who celebrate the beauty of the imperfect moments. Becoming a mom doesn’t happen in 9 months; it happens constantly – and continuously – every day after giving birth. Using our stories to break down stigmas, The Mama Sagas redefines what it means to be Super Mom and celebrates the hero in every woman. Find them on their YouTube channelFacebook., on Instagram @the_mama_sagas and on Twitter @themamasagas.

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson June 25, 2015

    May I just say “Hallelujah?” I was so focused on what to do with my newborn I had NO IDEA what my recovery was like. And with my firstborn, it was painful. Amen on the stool softeners!

  • comment avatar Kerri Daniels June 27, 2015

    Don’t just accept this, seek help. Ask your MD for a referral to see a Women’s Health PT!!

  • comment avatar Saralyn June 29, 2015

    Hi Kerri! On the Mama Sagas YouTube channel you will also find clips entitled Mama Sagas Solutions, in which we interview women’s health experts for their advice on how to handle the topics our mamas discuss. We have featured a pelvic floor PT – go check it out! Thanks for watching!

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