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10 ways to make the most of your library’s summer reading program

10 ways to make the most of your library’s summer reading program

Remember summer reading when you were little? The handouts to track your progress, the treasures you coveted, the lazy afternoons spent nose in a book? Guess what … now your children can record their own reading, earn their own prizes and combat the “summer slide” at the library. Here are 10 ways to make the most of your library’s summer reading program:

  1. Sign-up and win prizes

Each library’s program works a little differently, but reading has its rewards. Feel free to shop around. You don’t have to use your closest library, and you can sign-up at multiple library systems.

  1. Don’t forget the little guy — or the big guy

Summer reading is for kids ages 0 to 18. Many libraries have separate activities and programs for the different age groups, and some even have programs for adults. Get the whole family involved!

  1. Go to storytime

Most libraries have storytimes for children from birth to 5 year olds. Some even have it for a little bit older kids. Those 30 minutes are an engaging way to “read” with friends.

  1. Take advantage of the library’s special programs

Most libraries have weekly, if not daily, special activities and programs for kids. Just make sure and see if you need to sign up before you show up.

  1. Take time to read AND play

Don’t just check out books and leave. Most libraries have play areas for kids to enjoy with their caregivers. They also can spend time on the computer or doing other learning activities. 

  1. Reading is reading

Encourage your children to read whatever interests them. It could be chapter books or  picture books, audio books or graphic novels. It all counts! So let them scour the stacks for whatever catches their eyes.

  1. Find a new genre, author or series

Ask the librarians for advice on what to read next. 

  1. “Read” audio books in the car

Turn your commute into a personal story time. Let your child check out an audio book at the library.

  1. Download to ease your load

Are you going on vacation and don’t want to pack pounds of books?  Download them (again, from the library!) for you and your kids on whatever device you have. You get to read without the weight and risk of losing a library book.

10. The best things in summer are free

From programing to prizes, books to cartoons, nearly everything at the library is free. Save your money for the ice cream man!

Check out what these metro libraries have to offer:

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Lisa is an Early Literacy Librarian with more than 20 years experience working with young children in many different educational capacities. She currently trains library staff to deliver high-quality storytimes and provides parent trainings on simple things they can do get their children ready for kindergarten. She also is co-owner of Packtivities, which creates fun, creative and educational activity packs for preschoolers. She currently lives in south Denver with her husband and infant daughter.

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