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No Sensor: What I Learned My First Year as A Mom

No Sensor: What I Learned My First Year as A Mom

The past 365 days have been a wild ride. My son just turned one year old and I’m in complete shock. I preface this article by stating God has blessed me with the easiest.child.ever. I dread the day God laughs and Declan does a complete 180 and becomes a “terrible two” (or I have baby No. 2), but until then…

This is my incredibly honest and oddly numbered list of what I learned this past year as a first-time mom.

  • It wasn’t as hard as I thought…..and no I didn’t have “help”
  • There are moments and even days you don’t like your child as much as you “think you should.” That doesn’t make you the devil
  • Putting yourself and your marriage above your child makes everything easier and everyone happier
  • Amber beads are the real deal….
  • Try to succeed but expect to fail. You wont be constantly disappointed by the steep learning curve that is the first year of parenting.
  • Push yourself. Mommies are still sexy, funny, smart and sociable. It’s easy to hibernate in the cave of your house, in your sweats with no bathing routine. Shower and at least invest in sexy yoga pants. It goes a long way for your self-esteem and your relationship.
  • Don’t use the “new mom” excuse to yourself or others. Women have been new moms way before nannies, iPhones, mamroos and formula. Suck it up and be empowered by the fact you’re a new mom, not crippled, you can do this!
  • Breathe… showing stress and getting worked up just feeds you and your babies attitude for the worse. Take a breath, find a way to laugh about it and try again.
  • Stay true to yourself. Being a mom can be all-consuming. There is nothing I dread more than a girls night out (or play date) where all the women talk about are their kids. Isn’t this our night away? Continue your hobbies, try new things, read a book, nurture adult relationships. Your kids will grow up and move away. You need to still have you.
  • The hype is real: I love my son so much more than I ever could have imagined. I’m head over heels obsessed. I’m totally the mom who thinks her son is perfect and misses him while he naps.
  • Exude confidence. Even when you have no idea what you are doing, act confident. Make a decision and be confident in that decision at that time. Kids will feel safe and know who is in charge. Be definitive when you put them to sleep or tell them “No.” Question yourself, your partner, scream or cry once the door closes behind you.

Elissa Sungar is the Co-Creator of If Not You, Who?  a free website that offers easy and fun in-home educational activities that help prepare children for kindergarten and life. Her passion for early childhood education grew out of her experience as a pre-school teacher at Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School. Elissa loves spending time with her family, hiking, running, tennis, yoga, cute workout clothes, good cheese, great baked goods, exploring Denver and taking care of her new baby boy!   Twitter: @ElissaINYW

Elissa Sungar
Author: Elissa Sungar

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  1. I learned I can survive on very little sleep with a colicky newborn.

    And I learned my life had en entirely new meaning as soon as she was placed in my arms.

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