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Super Dance, Summer Fun at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance

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Some children seem to come out of the womb dancing, bopping or swaying to the music that surrounds them. Using the coffee table as a stage, they perform triumphant world premieres for audiences of thousands…or maybe just the family cat. They show such vibrancy and passion in their innate love for movement.

So, what do you do? Maybe you’ve never danced, and now you’ve got this kid who clearly loves it.

summerdance1If you’ve ever spent hours pouring over which pre-school or elementary school your child should attend, then that means you take education very seriously. You will want to give the same kind of attention deciding the right dance school for your child, since you will be trusting this school with your son or daughter’s physical safety and development. With summer right around the corner, you have an ideal opportunity to test out some schools to see what might be the right fit for you and your child.

StoryTime Ballet Classes

Here at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance, we focus on the experience in the classroom, and we believe that a clean and clear approach to a ballet base builds more than just a dancer, but someone who is responsible, respectful, focused and joyful. Our beloved faculty is highly educated with decades of professional experience, and together we create the possibility for everyone to express themselves and feel fulfilled through dance, regardless of aspiration.summerdance3

In the summer we have several short programs that can get a first-timer started, in addition to programs that help experienced dancers excel. Here are a few of our programs for beginners:

Our StoryTime Ballet Classes are perfect for 3 & 4 year olds who love to bring their favorite stories to life through dance. Even these youngest dancers have fun playing through movement, and they might not even notice they’re learning real ballet steps!

Fairytale Ballet Camp

Our 5-8 year olds explore and re-create a classical ballet in our Fairytale Ballet Camp, and then they perform it for friends and family at the end of the program. Each day includes crafts, acting, musical theatre, and ballet – with lots of creative juices flowing!

Classes For Beginners, 9 Years and Older

Some dancers are bitten by the bug when they start to gain a little independence. Maybe they see someone dancing on T.V. and wonder if that is something they could do. The answer is a resounding “YES!” Our beginning ballet programs for students ages 9-13 are extremely successful, taking the dancers through an accelerated program that gets them “caught up” very quickly. In the summer they may take classes in Ballet, Musical Theatre, Character, Modern and Body Conditioning, providing a well-rounded, enriching program for curious minds.

Our parents and students say:

“We most appreciate the strong focus [at CCD] on dance EDUCATION for our children. This high quality education could not be possible without the well-educated faculty who understands the developmental needs of their students.” – CCD Parent
“Whether they want to become a professional dancer or not, you give them the opportunity to experience dance in a safe, beautiful environment. You open the door to possibilities.” – CCD Parent

“Taking ballet helps me run circles around the other kids on the soccer field. Lots of boys say they want to come to class with me, and I just wonder why they don’t, because ballet rocks!” – Bergen, Ballet Boy Super Hero

To get your summer started at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance, simply give us a call at 303.466.5685 or visit In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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