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These Colorado Parents are starting a war on Pampers: Potty Training Made Easy!!!

These Colorado Parents are starting a war on Pampers: Potty Training Made Easy!!!

My husband Josh Moffatt and I are Colorado natives and are starting a war on Pampers! Parents can spend up to $200 a month on diapers.  As a parent you save time and money once your child is potty trained but as we all know, potty training is extremely difficult and every child is different.  joshheatherWe’ve designed an experience to make potty training fun, exciting and easier on parents everywhere.  We are so confident in our product, that if your child is not excited to use our Poop ‘n Pull and go on the potty, then you can send us all your dirty diapers.

The Poop ‘n Pull is different from all other potty training products currently available on the market. The package consists of a small reward dispenser hung on a bathroom door out of the child’s reach. The Poop ‘n Pull is preloaded by a parent with reusable reward capsules and ready for pulling immediately after a successful potty experience. The capsules can be filled with small toys, stickers, treats or other rewards that will engage a little pooper.   

The Poop ‘n Pull experience also includes an illustrated children’s book titled “Whales Wear Underwear” and a sticker sheet featuring characters from the book for the parents and child to decorate the dispenser together. The Poop ‘n Pull helps parents create a sense of achievement for their kids and themselves by reaching potty training goals fast.

capsulesWe want to make life easier for all other Colorado parents out there.  We spent over a year attempting to potty train our son with little success and a lot of frustration.  Two days after we created the Poop ‘n Pull, our son couldn’t wait to go on the potty.

Americans throw away 570 disposable diapers per second. Besides the huge negative impact on the environment, it means hundreds and thousands of dollars in expenses for a family per year. We would love your help supporting our Poop ‘n Pull Kickstarter campaign, which will help you save money and speed up the potty training process while creating a positive, guilt-free atmosphere for you little ones.

We spent over a year attempting to potty train our son with little success and a lot of frustration. Two days after we created the Poopn Pull, our son couldn’t wait to go on the potty.  We have a perfect 5 star review rating on followed by positive Potty-Training-Parent’s success stories and testimonials (please see website for more testimonials…

Q: What made you decide to take it to the next level and make it available to others?  

The Poopn Pull worked so well, we decided to make them ourselves and sell on  The response was amazing and we loved hearing all the parents who were having trouble potty training (which is very common) and got the Poopn Pull and it worked. The new Poopn Pull would be manufactured right here in Colorado at Columbine Plastics in Louisville.  

Q: What has been the best and hardest parts of launching a new business?  

The best part has been working closely with our long time friends to write the book, create the product and build a great experience for parents and children to make their lives just a little bit easier.  The most difficult part has been hearing parents tell us they need one NOW, and we are unable to build till we get the funding from Kickstarter for manufacturing and development costs.

Q: Now that you’re a potty training expert, what tips do you have for parents to potty train their kids?

The best tip we have is to remain calm.  Potty Training is extremely difficult and every child is different.  While potty training can be extremely frustrating for parents, it can be equally frustrating for the child.  The more patience and understand we can show the better off the experience will be for everyone.  But don’t worry…if you have a “Freak Out Moment,” that’s okay.  Just about every parent does at one point.  

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  1. So so wish this had been around when my daughter was potty training. Brilliant!

  2. This sounds really cool. However, wondering what happens if you don’t meat your fundraising goal? Will it be available on etsy?

  3. Hello Carma,

    Thank you for the great compliment. If we don’t meet our goal we will look into partnering with a baby/toddler online store. This will allow us to produce and sell.

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