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More than just ballet: Dance camps feature creative movement, princesses, jazz and more!

More than just ballet: Dance camps feature creative movement, princesses, jazz and more!

Does your little girl dream of growing up to be a ballerina—gliding across the stage in pink pointe shoes and a beautiful tutu?  Or, maybe your little ones have seen dancers on TV dancing across the ballroom floor with precise, intricate footwork in sparkly outfits. 

Either way, dance is a fun way to keep your children active and this summer, Colorado Ballet Academy will host a variety of day camps to keep your children moving.  These camps are more than just ballet and they’ll be sure to keep your little ones twirling and having a ball this summer!

Creative Dance
Little dancers explore movement in this camp through games, songs, music and patterns.  Dance-inspired crafts and story time are also a big part of this popular camp.

coloradoballetBallet Princess Camp
Who doesn’t love learning about princesses?  Ballet princesses from Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and Beauty and the Beast come to life while campers learn about them, listen to music, create princess-inspired dances and have craft time!

Sleeping Beauty Fairy Camp
There are 11 fairies in The Sleeping Beauty ballet and in this camp we’ll read about them, listen to some of their music, create a fairy-inspired dance and make crafts.

Level 1 Dancing Camp
Young dancers who want to start taking dancing a little more seriously will love this camp because it will improve their ballet skills and expand their dance knowledge!  Come learn ballet, modern dance, dance history, improvisation and jazz in this fun, fast-paced camp.

Level 2 Dancing Camp
This camp will improve dancers’ skills even more and get them ready for more rigorous dance training in the future.  Students will study dance film and work on their technique with classes including ballet, modern, jazz and dance history.

Young Dancer Workshop
Students looking for more serious dance training, this is the workshop for you!  Along with daily ballet classes, students will learn character, modern, choreography, pre-pointe for girls and jumping for boys.  Each day will wind down with a lecture series, stretch and conditioning class or dance film.  Plus, students will perform at the end of the workshop in a real black box theater!

 The Academy has a history of transitioning students into the Colorado Ballet Company as well as other companies worldwide.  Visit for dates, times and prices of these camps. In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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