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Bedtime study: Let sleeping kids lie; 90% sleep-deprived

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Established rules and routines help children get age-appropriate sleep amounts, according to the 2014 National Sleep Foundation’s “Sleep in the Modern Family” Poll, released Jan. 26.

While most parents endorsed the idea of the importance of sleep, 90 percent of children did not sleep the full amount of time recommended for their age group, researchers found.

Consequences of poor sleep among children and adolescents include behavioral problems, impaired learning and school performance, sports injuries, problems with mood and emotional swings and a worsening of health-related issues, including obesity, researchers found.

Evidence also indicates adolescents’ lack of sleep could be associated with substance abuse, suicidal behaviors and driving while drowsy.

The poll’s prime objective was to get a picture of sleep in families with at least one school-age child. CLICK TO  KEEP READING

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