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Warning: Watch Dax Shepard’s Hilarious Video About Childbirth at Your Own Risk

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Is anyone else in mourning that NBC’s Parenthood is in its final season?

Dax Shepard, one of my favorite actors from the show, shared the story of the birth of his three-week-old daughter, Delta, on Ellen. The video has since gone viral due to its hilarity.

You can’t help but be charmed by Shepard in the beginning but warning: it gets worse. Much worse. As in, when describing wife Kristen Bell’s C-section, he said he “I’d rather see a school bus drive out of her vagina” kind of worse.

His hilarious interview is definitely worth watching!

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  • comment avatar Candace January 17, 2015

    Everytime Dax is on the show he just makes me love him more and more, he’s so awesome and funny! And it seems like he’s only getting better and better.

  • comment avatar Marta January 17, 2015

    I don’t know who I love more between Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

  • comment avatar Trish January 17, 2015

    God Bless his wife. I started having contractions at midnight, didn’t know they were actually contractions until i woke up at 7am having hardcore contractions. Got to the hosp an hour later and within the hour of being there, my daughter was born. I feel awful for anyone who has these intense labor stories! God bless them!!!

  • comment avatar Gretchen January 17, 2015

    He is hilarious! I’d love to have a dinner party with Dax and Kristin.

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