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He’s been a good boy; I’ve just been a bad mom

He’s been a good boy; I’ve just been a bad mom

I’ve got a Christmas confession to make: I’m not sure there’s going to be anything under the tree for my baby boy to unwrap.

No, there’s not a budget shortfall. No, I don’t love his older sisters more than I love him. No, there haven’t been any major toy recalls (that I know about, anyway).

Really, it’s just that he’s got everything he needs. And even if we weren’t in the midst of trying economic times, I’d still be loathe to spend aimlessly.

He doesn’t need any toys or books or stuffed animals. He’s got plenty of sleepers and strollers already. What the kid needs is diapers and wipes, but that would probably rank just above coal in the stocking.

Oh [bleep]. I don’t have a stocking for him either.

Besides diapers and wipes, he could use a toy box and a bookshelf. But neither of those are exactly easy to wrap (and then unwrap), and they’d look pretty lame sitting empty on Christmas morning.

He does have several items of clothings – new with tags, as they say on eBay – in his closet and dresser drawers. And he likes remotes and cell phones and those springy things that are screwed into the baseboards to keep doorknobs from slamming into the wall. I suppose I could wrap up all of that stuff and then just take pictures of the unwrapping process, not the contents of the boxes.

With the girls, it’s easier because they’re older and express interest in various things. I may not be able to honor every wish, but at least I have a good idea what will be a hit.

Plus, he plays with all of their toys that I’ve saved, most of which are in great condition. Sure, the books have seen some wear and tear, but when a kid spends more time eating board books than reading them, he’s really not in a position to complain that his books have been “pre-gnawed.” Especially if all he can say is “Mama” and “Dada.”

So why does it matter? It looks like it will be the five of us for Christmas, so there won’t be any guests to impress (or disappoint). And while the festivities will no doubt be captured on film, it’s not as if any of my pictures since 2004 have made it into an album.

I guess I’ll console myself with the reminder that he’s not even a year old and that at this age, kids prefer boxes and wrapping paper anyway.

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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  1. Good for you, J! I always hated that tsk tsk that came from people who thought I was a terrible person for not buying my newborns unnecessary gifts. I was even loathe to prepare a first year birthday party. ugh. I hate that I caved under peer pressure. You are my idol in so many ways.

  2. I had the hardest time when my second daughter had her first (4mos) and second Christmas (16mos) and now she is 3 and it is stil very hard to know what to buy…we have all the games etc. and most of the new things on the market for 3 year olds just don’t appeal to me (I would have been them all for my first though) It is very hard. I agree though for your 1 year old anythin to open is fine! Books, you can never have too many books! Maybe you could make him one of those photo books you can buy at Babies r us with family pics in it (you pry already that) but it could be fun and take a little of the mommy guilt away!

  3. It’s funny. We went all out for my daughter’s first Christmas and barely got my son anything at the same age. There is something about the novelty of the first! Even now, my little guy is 2 and she is 4. He is still getting some presents but not nearly the amount that she is. But I know he won’t care. I just made sure to get him a few things I know he will LOVE and he will be perfectly content!

  4. I say just take some of his current toys, wrap them and put them under the tree. He won’t know the difference and can participate in the gift opening tradition.

  5. I am taking toys that my older kids played with that I’ve put away for awhile, and letting #3 unwrap them. I’m also giving him a new diaper pail (trying out the diaper champ another Mama recommended!) because our current pail’s lid has broken. that’s more a gift for me, but I can pretend it’s for baby!

  6. You KNOW he’ll bring this up on the therapist’s couch in 2028.

    Just kidding. You’ll get no dirty looks from me, since I completely agree.

  7. When I was 3 or so, I was thrilled that “Santa” (Dad) repainted my sister’s old tricycle for me.

    My mom was floored that I recognized it as my sister’s old trike (apparently from a ding in the fender), but she said I was just thrilled that it was new to me, and a new color.

    At that age, “new” doesn’t mean anything. I’m all for MindyMom’s suggestion of regifting his toys (or even you daughter’s toys she’s outgrown). He won’t even know, much less remember.

  8. I’m wrapping up the toys that the baby received as newborn gifts and was too young for until now. I felt guilty for about two seconds!

  9. I second MindyMom. At his age he’ll enjoy the unwrapping, but won’t give a fig what’s inside.

  10. I third that! It is the ripping of the paper and playing with the box anyway!

  11. I’d love to know how you’re getting away with this with your older two kids! We have a 4.5 year old and a 4.5 month old, and although #2 needs nothing, he is getting gifts for Christmas only because if he doesn’t, our daughter will wonder why Santa didn’t bring anything for her brother.

    That said, he is getting very practical gifts…bowls, spoons, sippy cups, box of rice cereal, etc. as he will be starting solids in another couple of months…plus a couple of teethers since it seems kind of gross to reuse #1’s drooly chewed-up ones.

  12. Oh good gravy, Jen. I never even thought of that.

    I like your idea though. Maybe I will wrap up a few packs of diapers after all. 😉

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