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Contest: Win Catering from Noodles & Co. for 20 of your friends!

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“I’m so full!” my son declared after going to a tasting at Noodles & Company  with me. Understand, this is not an easy task. He’s not a tiny child (at just 14 years old he’s already 6 feet and has a football build–plus, he had just played a game when we went). My daughter, The Foodie, declared “This is awesome, Mom! Can we come again?” I am not certain if everyone does this but we love to order several different dishes and share them. So they are the perfectly trained kiddos to go with and Noodles & Co. has certainly upped their game to offer so much more than just noodles.

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by Brandice who is the manager and were ushered to seats at the back of the restaurant where there were sweet treats and drink glasses waiting for us. It was super apparent that Brandice loves her job and loves to treat people to tastings. We started with pot stickers,which were amazing and margarita flat bread. We also tried soups like the Tomato Basil Bisque, Thai Hot Pot (which was not at all like pho – but still very tasty), and the Chicken Noodle. I don’t know what they did to the chicken noodle soup – but I instantly wished I was sick so someone could bring me more! (Take note anyone who might want to be nice and be a hero taking a sick friend or loved one soup – get two because you’ll want one for yourself).

Then we tried some salads – the Spinach & Fresh Fruit was exactly what you’d expect from a salad by that name. We also tried the Med Salad with Chicken, which was great but it also had cavatappi pasta in it. I guess I should have expected that at a place called Noodles but I was not expecting it. I think the salad was fine without the noodles.

After that we really got into the Noodles dishes. I’ve been to Noodles before. However, I usually order the SAME thing all the time because I ‘m a creature of habit or maybe just because I know a certain dish is tasty. So this was the perfect opportunity to try a bunch of other stuff (and now make my decision process while ordering a bit more difficult). We tried the Penne Rose (tomato cream sauce, penne pasta, mushrooms, tomato, spinach and wine); Japanese Pan Noodles (Carmelized udon noodles in soy sauce with vegetables); Wisconsin Mac and Cheese (we asked for it with hamburger); and Steak Stroganoff. They were all so delicious – but we were very full. So we asked if they could box up leftovers and we ate them again the next night.

Noodles serves the best pasta dishes from around the world but Noodles is not just about a bowl of pasta. While we were there we tried a BBQ Pork Sandwich, which my son LOVED and asked for an extra so he could take it to school for lunch the next day.

Noodles is opening two new locations. Lakewood is scheduled for December 8 and Arvada for December 15, 2014.

Noodles now caters across Colorado. They will serve groups from 20 to 200 with the great items that we had or pick your own. Catering is just $12 per person. The catering is easy to order: Just call, pick up (they can also deliver for a charge) and then set up (they give you everything you need including chafing dishes, fuel, plates, utensils, servicing ware and napkins.) Now,  Mile High Mamas wants to give you the chance to try Noodles catering! When you register to win you will be entered to win catering for up to 20 people wherever you want.

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