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Barnes & Noble Discovery Weekend includes Puppet Making and Holiday Singalong

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I can’t say I love love love shopping. At least not in the way that several of my friends can make sport of it. I usually am more like a “guy” when I go in get what I need and get out. It may be because of the way my mom and sister shop. When I was a child I would dread my mom telling us (my sister and me) that we were going to Lee Wards (a craft store) or lest we allow her in the shoe department of ANY department store. We could be there for HOURS trying on shoes that all seem to look a bit alike.

But everything is a bit different in a book store. I could escape to my location and my sister and mom could go to theirs. It was a discovery of something new every time I went.

I got to do a little bit of discovery myself this week. I discovered that Barnes & Noble still has a ton of books (which I love) but they also have some fun other gift ideas. In the middle aisle there are stocking stuffers, Buddha boards (everyone had to play with it – and not sure I can explain it), candles, music boxes, globes, and stuffed animals. Everyone seemed to be ga-ga about the MineCraft books (I thought it was just a dumb game that my kids played on my phone to keep busy). I had two things in mind that I wanted to get 1. Fault in Our Stars book for my daughter and 2. Psych season 8 for my son.

The people who work there were AMAZING. They lead me from one place to the other – they knew where EVERYTHING was there. They even gave me the DVD at the Black Friday price! 

I had the opportunity to talk with a few of them. One of the more difficult things for me to do is to decide on what to read next. They chatted with me about what kind of books I like and what TV shows I watch to figure out what to suggest for me. (There were also suggestions on the bottom of the receipt based on what I purchased). I was so impressed with their depth of knowledge and experience. I only wish that I lived closer to THAT Barnes & Noble or hope that the employees at the one nearer me are as knowledgeable. 

Barnes & Noble Discovery Weekend is this weekend (November 21-23) with all kinds of fun events on Saturday including a 10 a.m. Art Folds (folding the corners of the book’s pages to make cool designs the the snowflake on the book the Ice Princess), 11 a.m. Learn to Draw Like Mo Willems (author of  “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” book), 1 p.m. Puppet Making & Holiday Sing Along, and 7 p.m Holiday Fluxx Game night and Sunday at 1 p.m. Snowmen at Night Storytime (crafts and activities  – with purchase of the book for only $7.99. The book is normally $16.99). Plus you can get a fresh baked s’mores cookie for just $1!!! (I warn you they are delish and you may need more than one and a giant Starbucks to wash it down). 

I look forward to hearing what you Discover at Barnes & Noble this weekend. (Make sure to post your comments). 

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