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Movie Review: Big Hero 6’s inflatable robot is irresistible

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Apologies to some of the best docs a gal can ask for. But who wouldn’t want a health-care provider like Baymax of “Big Hero 6”?

Sure, Hiro Hamada may be the young brainiac with the story arc in Disney’s zippy animated feature, but the over-sized, inflatable robot invented to be a personal health assistant is irresistible.

The action starts in a Amer-Asian burg called San Fransokyo. Under-age Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter) is visiting a robot-fighting gambling parlor. Only the innocent with a rudimentary bot isn’t such a naif after all. And that bot, well…

Big brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) saves the 14-year-old prodigy’s hide. Better, he tricks the rebellious Hiro into a visit to his university, where Tadashi has been designing robots, including Baymax.

There Hiro meets a group of appealing geeks: CLICK TO KEEP READING

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