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Where’s the beef? On your dinner table with these recipes!

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I grew up as the granddaughter of cattle ranchers, which meant our freezer was always stocked with beef, every Sunday dinner was a pot roast and grilled steak was our go-to meal for special occasions.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized my love of beef goes beyond the delicious taste. My husband and I recently completed a month of Paleo where our diet consisted of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and oils. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss sugar, carbs and more sugar (I more than made up for it during Halloween), I learned that the statistics don’t lie: When I eat a higher-protein diet (about 30% of daily calories from protein), I’m not hungry, which helps me stop overeating.

And that is a beautiful thing, particularly as we head into the holidays.

Over the next several months, Mile High Mamas will be partnering with the Colorado Beef Council to bring you delicious beef recipes for your family. Not only do heart-healthy diets with high quality lean protein lower cholesterol (the bad kind!), they reduce the risk of chronic disease and high blood pressure. Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids the body needs for optimal health.

The Beef–It’s What’s For Dinner website is treasure trove of tips and recipes such as:

To whet your whistle, be sure to check-out these delicious slower-cooker recipes:

Lazy Day Beef & Vegetable Soup beef soup

Southwest Beef Wrap


If you have any favorite beef recipes, we’d love to feature them.

Hands down, my favorite cut of beef is tenderloin. Whenever I go home, my sister-in-law invites the whole family over for grilled tenderloin and it’s serious business. So serious, in fact, that when I saw my 17-year-old niece Emily had invited a friend over, I very firmly informed her that she was a vegetarian so as not to share the highly-coveted 4.5-kg hunk of beef.

I then turned to my husband and informed him, “Do you see these people, Jamie? Do not look at them as family. Look at them as competition.”

As it turned out, Emily and her friend ate the very best, rarest pieces.

Game ON for next year.


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