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Halloween costume drama: This hilarous viral-video family nails it

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Oh, the drama of Halloween costumes. I should know! My daughter wanted to be the  Lady of LothlĂłrien from the Hobbit and insisted I buy her a beautiful white wedding dress from the thrift store. whitelady

This would have been swell if she had not later decided she already had a dress that she liked better than the costume we bought.whitelady

Did I mention the wedding dress was non-refundable?

In keeping with our theme from the Hobbit, my son begged to be Smaug, the gold-thirsty dragon.


Yeah, right. If I had one ounce of ambition in textiles, I would have taken on the challenge but I’m the mom who has yet to sew on his cub scout badges six months after he received them.skeletonb

So, I convinced my son that a skeleton (like this one) is kind of like Smaug, only much scarier.

We’re all familiar with costume drama and but Kim and Penn Holderness, of Raleigh, North Carolina, famed for their family friendly viral-video parodies, took the adventure in stride with “Kin and Moose,” a spoof of Snoop Dogg’s 1990s hit “Gin and Juice.”

Let’s h0pe they figure out where that hair came from sooner than later.

The Holderness clan’s other video parodies include “Christmas Jammies” (Will Smith’s “Miami”) and “Baby Got Class” (Sir Mix-A-Lot’s famed “Baby Got Back”).

What will your kids be for Halloween?

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  • comment avatar Lisa October 27, 2014

    Yep, that video totally nails it. I hate dealing with Halloween costume drama. We have so many around the house I just made my kids put together their own this year.

  • comment avatar Andrea October 27, 2014

    We’re going as Frozen characters. We figure why not join the millions of others? 🙂

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