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“The Best Shirt” ever has been found!

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The Best Shirt Ever has been located.

The family of 12-year-old Joe Archibold, of Longmont, recently sent out a social media solicit, looking for a specific blue, white and gray polo shirt — in the same style Joe has worn for every school picture since second grade.

He outgrew the hand-me-down shirt in small size, and then in medium. He couldn’t find the large. He grew nervous that his five-year tradition would be ruined.

His family’s simple Facebook pitch went viral and was picked up by media outlets across the country, including the Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call.

And now it looks as if Joe will be able to wear his favorite blue polo for another school picture, and then some.

Angela Houchin, of Fort Collins, saw a story about Joe’s hunt and jumped out of her chair.

“It was crazy. Wait a minute, I recognize that shirt. No way,” says Houchin, who has two sons a few years older than Joe. She says she checked her older son’s closet. “Sure enough, I found it.”

In an extra-large, too — so Joe’s safe for a few more years of growing.

Best of all for Joe, who has nine brothers and sisters and is therefore quite accustomed to hand-me-downs, Houchin says the shirt CLICK TO KEEP READING

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson October 23, 2014

    OK, this is just a fun story.

  • comment avatar Reta October 23, 2014

    This is awesome. I hope he keeps it up through high school!

  • comment avatar Stephanie October 23, 2014

    cute story but imagine if we put this much effort into every missing person, maybe we would find more kids.

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