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Are you plugged in? Baby apps every new parent should have

Are you plugged in? Baby apps every new parent should have

The kid is here! Freak out!

The first months of having a baby are rough, regardless of whether you are a repeat parent, like me, or a rookie just entering the exhilarating and exhausting fray.

In those newborn months, and even through the first year, most bleary-eyed parents go into survival mode, yet miraculously adapt to all of the challenges that come with the transition.

While there isn’t any technology to get your baby to start sleeping through the night at eight weeks (yet!), plenty of great apps can help you in one way or another during that foggy and fantastic first year.- Jeana Lee Tahnk, Mashable

Ready, Set, Baby!

Leave that tattered baby book on your nightstand and instead turn to this all-encompassing app/e-book, which is a great resource for every parent to have during the first year. With a mix of helpful text, photos, interactive tours and videos (how do you install a car seat?), Ready, Set, Baby! provides new and veteran parents with expert advice on feeding, sleeping, bathing, swaddling, infant development and much more. $9.99 for iOS

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

Exactly how many diapers do babies go through when they’re newborns? It might seem mundane to be tracking diapers, but what you’re really tracking is output (and intake). Weight gain is crucial, and for nursing moms, especially, dirty and wet diapers are the only indication that babies are eating enough. Eat Sleep Tracker not only keeps tabs on diaper changes, but feeding times and sleep patterns, too. Free for iOS; Feed Baby is a similar Android option

Baby Soother

Speaking of sleep, any magical tips to actually get a baby to fall asleep are always welcomed by parents. People assume that the house has to be museum quiet when baby is sleeping, but in reality, the womb was quite noisy. Sound Sleeper is a great app to fill the silence with options such as ocean waves, white noise, hair dryer, vacuum and more. Free for Android


Babies go through so many firsts, each more exciting than the last. BabyBook is a terrific app that lets you document all these milestones and preserve memories from your baby’s everyday life. With easy-to-use templates, you can seamlessly fill up a book of moments from your mobile device that you can share with family and friends, and even print into a hardcover book. Free for iOS (in-app purchases for additional designs and milestones; Peekaboo Moments is a similar app for Android.

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