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CDC issues warning after paralysis, muscle weakness strike 9 Colorado kids

CDC issues warning after paralysis, muscle weakness strike 9 Colorado kids

Nine Colorado children have been stricken with muscle weakness or paralysis since Aug. 8, and Colorado health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday they’re investigating a link to concurrent viral outbreaks.

The CDC has issued a national alert for doctors in other states to watch for similar symptoms.

All nine children’s symptoms were preceded by respiratory illness, said Dr. Larry Wolk, director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and a pediatrician.

“This is a very small number of patients,” Wolk said. “That’s why we’re asking if there are other cases. People shouldn’t panic.”

The cases were identified between Aug. 8 and Sept. 17 at Children’s Hospital Colorado among children ages 1 to 18 — most from the Denver area. The health department has been working with Children’s for about a week, Wolk said.

“All nine had some kind of lesion show up on their MRIs,” Wolk said.

The CDC advisory says symptoms include limb weakness and “abnormalities of the spinal cord gray matter on an MRI,” or magnetic resonance imaging.

Wolk said he didn’t know how many of the nine children suffered paralysis. And officials don’t know if any paralysis is permanent. He said none of the nine have recovered yet CLICK TO KEEP READING

-Elizabeth Hernandez and Electa Draper; Photo Cyrus McCrimmon

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  1. In 1997, at age 10, my daughter was diagnosed with TRANSVERSE MYELITIS after a minor respiratory infection. She became paralyzed from the waist-down in a matter of minutes. She recovered partially, but still needs leg braces to walk. The symptoms are very similar to Polio. We were told that there is a 72 hour window from onset of symptoms to administer steriods to halt progression of paralysis. Transverse Myelitis is almost always misdiagnosed as Epstein Barre or Guillame Barre.

  2. Wherever or however my daughter contracted Transverse Myelitis, we were told that she may have had an autoimmune deficiency that made her susceptible to developing TM after being exposed to a seemingly ordinary infection. This could also be the case with these children.

  3. For what is worth, I am truly sorry. No child should suffer like this.

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