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Mom Confessions: What’s in YOUR Purse?

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We all do it, moms. The purse clean-out. It may come at the beginning of a new season when it’s time to switch purses or at random. I was so entertained by the contents of my own purse that I thought I would share it. Apparently I would never survive on a deserted island, but at least I would look good with my lip gloss and nail polish in my final days!

Receipts galore (gas stations, fast food, restaurants, groceries, mega mart… you name it)
chewing gum
chewed gum
gum wrappers
lolly pop sticks (thank you First Bank)
toy cars
hair bands
lip gloss
nail polish
chip clip (???)
sewing kit
Canadian money
other coins of all kinds
plane tickets
boarding passes
business cards
feminine goodies
keys (some I don’t know what they open)
flyers (some of which were attached to windshield, unsolicited)
coloring pages
shopping lists (from months ago)
water bottle
scraps of paper… who’s phone number was that now???
plastic bags

This is honest to goodness what was in my purse when I attempted to clean it out today. No wonder I have back problems! What wonderful mysteries and oddities are lurking in your handbag?

Guest blogger Jenna lives in Littleton with her hubby and two kids. She likes to keep things simple: love like you mean it, laugh like you are enjoying it, and live to make the most of it. 

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  • comment avatar Melinda September 2, 2009

    With two kids tagging along everywhere I go I have learned the handy little first aid kit is a life saver. Where ever we go someone is bound to need a bandaid! I also carry a little pocket knife and it gets the most use in a restaurant. I use it to cut the length of a straw to fit a kids size cup. I think I should go clean my purse out now!

  • comment avatar JoAnn September 2, 2009

    That’s funny! I switch purses a lot, so I’m pretty minimalistic: space for sunglasses, keys, CrackyBerry, business cards, wallet, lipstick. I do carry an “Emergency Pack” that has changed over the years to match our needs, and the time I took it out was the time I really needed it…so it stays with me, or at least in the trunk. 🙂 Right now, it has the essentials: band-aids, neosporin, crayons, antiseptic wipes, sunscreen stick, fruit snacks. 🙂

    I’ll never forget when my mom was cleaning out her purse. She found a pair of clean little girl training panties, and we’d all been out of that stage for YEARS. LOL!

  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock September 2, 2009

    I love the idea of a first aid kit. Joann, I have mine in the trunk of my car like you mentioned. Melinda, I do have a mini-Swiss Army knife on my keychain (I use it most often for cutting tags off after a Target run!), and this is also a great idea – just don’t forget to leave it at home before you head to DIA for your next vacation!

  • comment avatar Kagey September 2, 2009

    I have some things I really ought to file away safely — the kids birth certificates from the last time we flew. Stealing my purse would be someone’s ticket to identity theft for 4 people. Yikes!

    I also carry a pocket knife, and have to be alert to leaving it at home or in the car whenever air travel looms large.

    But mostly I have the things on Jenna’s list, minus the Canadian money, and add in a couple toys.

    And geez, when did our purses become trash cans???

  • comment avatar Susie Zimmerman September 2, 2009

    OK. I, too, tend to carry a small purse and take the trash out regularly. But, I was STRUCK that I have 13 tubes of different types of lip gloss and lip stick in my purse. Thirteen. THIRTEEN. I only have 2 lips! (And tend to wear the same shade on both of them.)

  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock September 2, 2009

    Hilarious, Sus! I think 3 was my my recent count. But you always look fabulous, so maybe I’ll consider nearing the 13 mark :).

  • comment avatar Jennifer September 2, 2009

    I’m with the minimalists. Here’s what’s in my beloved Sherpani: 1 diaper, 1 travel box of wipes (covers all 3 kids, ages 2 – 8), a slim little thing that only carries cash and cards, a small bottle of sanitizer, and my phone. The biggest item is the small cosmetic bag that holds Benadryl and the Epi-Pens, and that gets left with the baby, so I don’t always have to carry that. I, too, have back-up supplies in the car, just in case. And I can always buy something if I need it. Gotta keep the economy going.

  • comment avatar Lori in Denver September 2, 2009

    That’s hilarious, Jenna. Batteries AND a Bible!?

    I carry 2 cell phones and a camera.

    But, oddly, very little money. What’s wrong with this picture??

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson September 2, 2009

    I admittedly just cleaned my out but mine still contains the kitchen sink: wipes, pull-up, first-aid kit, lotion, sanitizer and much more!

  • comment avatar Mama Bird September 2, 2009


    I’m a minimalist like JoAnn and clean mine out daily. I think I must have a fear of someone seeing the contents of my purse like an unexpected visitor to my house or something. Every time I come home I clear out the receipts, flyers, sippy cups, etc. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t end up piling up elsewhere in my home once removed from the purse!

  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock September 2, 2009

    Mama Bird, the Girl’s Only show should have been enough to scare me into the daily clean-out, but apparently not!

    And Lori, surely someone can help you figure out how to cut down to just ONE phone! Ha!

  • comment avatar Kagey September 2, 2009

    Oh, and a zillion pens. Five in blue and black, ‘natch, but also pink, green, a mechanical pencil, and a wooden (tinkerbell) pencil.

  • comment avatar Danielle September 2, 2009

    Since getting married and having kids my purse has definately gotten bigger. I really miss my little purse, but I finally had to come to terms with being a mom and too have all the little necessities for little ones(and one big one..aka, the hubby!).

  • comment avatar Anonymous September 2, 2009

    Danielle, the bonus of a big purse is that in many cases it can double as a diaper bag, right??

    And Kagey, I guess I’ll be borrowing some of those pens since apparently those weren’t looming around my bag (note to self: go buy some pens)!

  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock September 2, 2009

    Oops, sorry… that was my “anonymous” post!

  • comment avatar Shelley Davis September 2, 2009

    You ladies must have big purses! I have a check book, a wallet,phone,Altoids, finger nail file,3 tubes of lipstick and that is it! It has been along time since I have had little ones that I would need to carry lots of things around with me. But then again I may have had the big hand bags back then too I have just blocked it out! Ha!!

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