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Denver mom and kids meet Peyton Manning

Denver mom and kids meet Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is a normal guy.

That’s no newsflash. Just about every article about the future Hall of Famer mentions his genuine interest and concern for everyone around him — whether it’s a defensive lineman who’s trying to sack him, a stadium employee or the guy who mows his lawn.

It’s that character trait that prompted me to write a guest commentary in The Denver Post last February defending the quarterback’s “legacy” that so many football critics were suddenly abandoning because the Broncos got walloped in the Super Bowl.

It’s also that character trait that has continued to set him apart from so many others. The past couple weeks have been a sobering reminder of that, as NFL headlines were dominated by storylines from Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, and players missing games because they were suspended for substance abuse or performancing-enhancing-drug violations.

It’s not news that Manning is always a class act. He’s been that since his college football days at the University of Tennessee. But it is during times like this that we remember why we should not take his leadership and example — let alone his talent — for granted.

So it was definitely refreshing to find out in person last weekend that one of the most iconic quarterbacks currently in the NFL is still also the most regular guy in the world.

 Thanks possibly to my February commentary, but more likely to a heartfelt note from my 7-year-old dying to meet his favorite player while in Denver to go to his “first live football game,” Manning graciously met with my family on Saturday.

He walked into the room in jeans and a sweater with his ragged backpack slung over his right shoulder on his way to study before the Broncos-Chiefs game.

Though a big game was coming up, Manning was making a special detour that evening to meet a couple of boys who think he hangs the moon (and I don’t plan on telling them any differently).

Putting his bulging backpack down, the 6-foot-5, 200-pound quarterback with a laser-rocket arm bent down to shake my 7-year-old’s hand and talk about his excitement about going to the game.

“Are you going to cheer loud at the game?” Manning asked him.

Calvin of course answered yes, but only in passing as he rushed to get some advice from the five-time NFL MVP.

“I was wondering about throwing the ball. I thought you should CLICK TO READ ON

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  1. Peyton Manning is a class act.

    He is as good a person as he is at playing quarterback. I credit his parents & his siblings, but most of all Archie & Olivia. I am sure his wife also helps keep him grounded. Their family has had their share of adversity to overcome.

  2. We Broncos are lucky to have a legend like Peyton to come to Denver… I’m enjoy every bit that I can until it’s gone.

  3. I had the opportunity to meet Peyton Manning twice during his time at University of Tennessee. He is a nice person, always willing to stop and chat. Very much a class act.

    Are there any NFL QB records he hasn’t broken?

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