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Are non-vaccinating parents to blame for California’s whooping cough outbreak?

Are non-vaccinating parents to blame for California’s whooping cough outbreak?

The kids aren’t all right.

At least, that is the claim of the Hollywood Reporter as vaccination rates are plummeting at top Hollywood schools, from Malibu to Beverly Hills where affluent, educated parents are opting out in shocking numbers (leaving some schools’ immunization rates on par with South Sudan) as an outbreak of potentially fatal whooping cough threatens L.A. like “wildfire.”

“Across California, thousands of children and babies are coughing so violently that their bodies convulse, uncontrollably wheezing and fighting to breathe for weeks. Nearly 8,000 pertussis cases have been reported in 2014 to the state’s Department of Public Health as of Sept. 2, and 267 of those patients have been hospitalized, including 58 requiring intensive care.”

And it’s not just pertussis. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the number of domestic measles cases is at a 20-year high. About half of the cases in California involve unvaccinated patients.

What are your thoughts? Go here to read the full article.

Mile High Mamas
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  1. If they refuse to be vaccinated….then they should not be allowed to attend school! problem solved. Science is not a dirty word…about time people get educated.

  2. So you would punish the kids because their parents are doing this (or rather not doing it).

  3. The problem is this generation did not see what can happen without vaccinations. In my youth, i had a friend who had polio one day and died the next.

  4. You have a right to do with your children as you please. But not at the expense of the public’s health.

  5. VACCINATE or pay the price of your child getting very sick or even dying it is like child abuse if you don’t vaccinate if you don’t it shows you really don’t love your child and there health and well being in this world . Someone should sue Jenny McCarthy and others for sending off false and negative statements to miss lead and miss guide many American parents in this area .

  6. Either way, if you feel others should follow suit in vaccinations, then you better be keeping those kids home when contagious or your adding to the problem. But vaccines protect, so why worry? (sarcasm)

  7. Simple solution: home school. 🙂

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