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The Weirdest, Most Unique Things You Can Do in Denver

The Weirdest, Most Unique Things You Can Do in Denver

As the summer winds down and school looms on the horizon, many people are starting to think about plans for the fall. But don’t give up on summer just yet! There’s still time to enjoy summer fun, and there is no better way than to try out something new and unique. In addition to summer picnics and days at the park or pool, Denver offers some truly unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for both adults and kids alike. Here are a few of the weirdest, most unique things waiting for you to try!

discoverycenter1.    Dinosaur Ridge
How many people get to take a walk with dinosaurs or touch dinosaur bones? These experiences are closer than you think—actually just at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO, right outside of Denver. The site includes hiking trails with hundreds of tracks left behind by dinosaurs, preserved in the area’s sandstone.
You can see tracks from some of the most familiar dinosaur species to kids (and adults), Triceratops and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaur Ridge also includes a dinosaur bone quarry, and it is the location where the first ever Stegosaurus bones were discovered. Today, you can visit the on-site quarry to see and touch bones that have not been removed from the surrounding rock. The new Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center is opening this fall.

2.    Denver Segway Tour
The Segway hasn’t become the revolution in personal transport that early advocates promised it would, but nonetheless it holds its own place in modern pop culture awareness. One great way to experience Denver while also trying out the Segway is to book a Segway tour. Using the Segway enables you to go farther in less time than walking, enabling you to see more of the sights—and you can make note of areas you want to explore in more depth on foot. Choose between historical tours, modern sightseeing tours, special holiday tours, and more.

  ifly3.    iFLY Denver
Previously known as SkyVenture Colorado, iFLY Denver offers the opportunity to experience skydiving—indoors! Using a vertical wind tunnel, iFLYDenver can give guests the experience of free fall while barely leaving the safety of the ground. Floating on a cushion of air, you can glide, turn, and even learn to execute tricks with the help of iFLYinstructors. Kids love to experience flying, and iFLYalso offers special educational programs to help students connect their vertical wind tunnel experience to important science, math, and engineering concepts. No previous experience at skydiving is necessary, as all of the necessary training is provided on site.

4.    Casa Bonita
We couldn’t complete a list of weird and unique attractions in Denver without naming the infamous Casa Bonita.For a dining experience like no other, try Casa Bonita for ‘unique’ Mexican food amidst a range of unique entertainment, including high-divers jumping from the top of a 30-foot waterfall.OK, let’s face it – no one goes to Casa Bonita for the food (minus those delicious sopapillas!), it’s the entertainment factor of this fantastic building that houses different themed-rooms and more than 30 attractions! Other attractions on the venue’s main stage include gunfights, pirates, flame jugglers, and occasionally even a gorilla. A mariachi band serenades diners, who never know just what is going to happen next!

parkour5.    APEX Movement
For people who love American Ninja Warrior and who want an active, physical challenge, Denver hosts one of the premier United States locations to try out parkour and freerunning. A sport that can be practiced literally anytime, anywhere, and using whatever obstacles the landscape has to offer, parkour keeps gaining momentum as a fun way to keep in shape. APEX offers a huge indoor training area, expert trainers, and a range of classes that teach everything from the absolute basics to pro skills. To learn a great sport, get an awesome workout, and learn to look at the world around you in a brand new way, there’s nothing like parkour—and the pros at APEX Movement can help you get moving.

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  1. Here’s one of my favorite weird things: The Money Museum is located right off of the 16th Street Mall. It’s an up-close look of the nation’s financial system in action. It’s FREE and is open 8:30am to 4:30pm.

  2. Back in the day, we used to ride the #15 bus for fun and education. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing but 15 was the most notorious bus route in Denver. In the past few years Colfax has under gone some rejuvenation and growth in an effort to change it’s seedier image. It’s worked, a little bit.

  3. I think the Denver Museum of Toys and Miniatures is pretty unique.

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