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Here Goes Nothin’: lauching into a new career!

Here Goes Nothin’: lauching into a new career!

We’ve had quite a summer at our house.  Mixed in with some quiet weeks at home enjoying all the swimming Boulder has to offer, we took a month and drove to the east coast to spend some quality time with family.  We didn’t know what to expect but went for it anyway and were not disappointed.  In fact we had the time of our lives, but that’s a story for another day.

During the last week of the vacation, we started bracing ourselves for the return to reality.  My husband graduated from grad school this past year, so our future includes very limited funds now that we are unable to live off of education loans.  I’d been looking for work but hadn’t had any luck.  Among other things, our trip was a way to avoid thinking about any of that for a bit.

Then I got an email from the husband of a former Raising Little Heroes board member with a possible job opportunity.  All I knew was his company is called BASHO & Friends and that he is working on a new educational web series focused on teaching kids Spanish through music.  He was looking for someone to help him get it off the ground and had heard good things about me.  We set up a time to meet the day after we rolled back into town.

 I went into that first meeting knowing only what I’d been able to glean from his videos. I was impressed with what I saw but didn’t know in what capacity he needed help. I was willing to talk about it no matter what the job entailed, however.  It was a bonus the endeavor was a creative one because my pre-parent career life was spent in the theatre world and I had been missing it like crazy.  I love being a mother to my two young children but there’s something about the adrenaline rush that inevitably accompanies setting an artistic ship to sail.

Luckily for me, Basho is as adventurous and kind as he is innovative and talented because he decided to take a chance on me even though others in his position would have considered my time at home with the kids these past few years a detriment.  The father and early childhood educator in him knew the value in what I’ve been doing because it’s a big part of what drives his work.  We are both dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and feel inspired to do so in fresh, creative ways.

 I was thrilled to start supporting Basho’s work.  It was immediately clear the importance of a quality product and quantity of fun integrated into presenting that product to the world are on level ground in Basho’s eyes.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

 So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed as this adventure takes flight. Wish me luck! 

Sarah Stith lives in Boulder with her husband and 2 children (3 and 6). Before moving to Colorado, the family lived in Brooklyn, NY where Sarah worked as a dresser at The Lion King on Broadway. She now works from home as Assistant Producer with BASHO & Friends and Volunteer Coordinator for her organization Raising Little Heroes, a group devoted to finding volunteer opportunities for families with young children. She also writes about her life on her blog, “A Day in the Life of My Little Brood.”

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  1. Good luck transitioning back to work. At first it was so so hard to be away from my littles and I still struggle with the work-life balance. But remember to put family first and you’ll be fine.

  2. Good luck! Never easy at first but if it’s the right job you’ll love it.

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