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Maternity fashion: 4 must-have looks for new moms!

Maternity fashion: 4 must-have looks for new moms!

The journey to motherhood is sweet and memorable for some and for others it’s a slog through morning sickness, swelling feet, and body dysmorphia. There are probably women sitting proudly in both camps. I myself was never one to talk about how much I loved being pregnant. It was an uncomfortable experience with many weird side effects. But, the blessed thing is, it only last 9 months and when you’re done your life is changed forever by the sweetest baby you’ll ever hold in your arms.

One of the more obvious changes your body makes is your ever expanding tummy. It’s adorable to see on other women, but it’s sometimes difficult to manage when it’s you experiencing it. I think every mother would love to feel great about their body even when there are some days you feel like a walrus sunning on the rocks. The amazing thing is, the market for beautiful maternity clothes has exploded in the past few years.

There are great options in every price range that will help you feel less walrus and more wonderful. The standard big box stores usually have some sort of maternity selection, but those really haven’t gotten much better. Boutique maternity websites have been appearing that will give you some more options beyond your basic t-shirt and jeans.

Here are some of my favorite websites and stores.

Sonnet James – Play dresses for playful moms


Asos Maternity (as seen on What I Wore)


Loft Maternity

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  1. Darling looks. Maternity fashion has come a long way!

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