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Foodie Friday: Fresh Peach Mint Popsicles Recipe

Foodie Friday: Fresh Peach Mint Popsicles Recipe
We all have summer childhood memories that are the big ones: the hot sweaty boring road trip in the station wagon with your brother driving you crazy, the family reunions, the amusement  parks.  Lately I feel like writing love letters to the little ones: running around with the neighborhood kids in a pack trying to get the last few minutes of fun in before the sun sets, hugs from relatives, giggles by campfires, and everyday summer food like popsicles.  I have so many memories of sticky wrists, carrying one through neighbor’s backyards on our way to the next house, or standing on hot pavement watching the ice cream truck drive away.  How many of us huddled by a certain friend’s back door while their awesome mom passed them out to us? 
peachpopsSome good friends gave us a Zoku for a gift one summer and suddenly the popsicle has made a resurgence in our household.  Made from scratch, the popsicle is taken to a whole new level of yum.   Whether you fill them with fruit, herbs, yogurts, coffee, or even liquor (yes, I may have served Blueberry Whiskey popsicles to adults for dessert before) the combinations are endless.   When I want super easy I just double what I’m making for smoothies in the morning for breakfast and throw them in molds for afternoon treats.  I have even snuck kale in them this way before (gasp!).
When I start seeing Colorado peaches make an appearance at the market and stores, first of all I retrain myself from jumping up and down and hollering because that’s just awkward when you’re alone at the grocery, but second I start plotting ways to throw them into any recipe I can.  These popsicles are my current favorite.  Add a shot of whiskey to make a boozy pop to share with adults and it’s ready faster than you can say “dessert is done people”.
You don’t need a Zoku to make popsicles at home.  Even the local dollar store or Ikea sells molds.  If you have a blender and about 5 minutes you are on your way to falling in love with them all over again.  Finally, it’s your chance to be the cool mom that all the kids come huddle by the backdoor for, waiting for a cool treat to be passed out.
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Kristine Colwill is a self-taught cook, owner of The Indulgent Pantry, and is currently writing a cookbook. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids. She will be at Denver-area farmer’s markets this summer so be sure to stop by.

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