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Jeffco Schools board OKs hiring of Daniel McMinimee by 3-2 vote

Jeffco Schools board OKs hiring of Daniel McMinimee by 3-2 vote

A badly divided Jefferson County Schools board on Tuesday night hired Daniel McMinimee as the next superintendent of the state’s second-largest school district, as audience members howled in protest and hurled catcalls toward the dais.

The 3-2 vote to hire McMinimee, who serves as an assistant superintendent with the Douglas County School District, was preceded by loud interruptions from a crowd of several hundred. At one point, a large portion of the room stood up and began chanting “stand up for kids” and a woman was led out of the room by security workers after she spoke out of turn.

Final terms of McMinimee’s contract — including how many years it will last, his annual pay and performance goals — need to be hammered out during the next few weeks.

Things got off to a bumpy start Tuesday evening, with board members Jill Fellman and Lesley Dahlkemper pleading with the majority — the three conservative members elected as a slate in November — to allow more than 45 minutes for public comment.

“We need to hear from our community before we vote,” Fellman said to loud applause.

But a motion to lengthen the public comment period failed on a 3-2 vote.

In a clear sign of which way sympathies lay with much of the crowd, CLICK TO KEEP READING

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  1. It’s good to see that the voters can get what they want in spite of concentrated interest of the teachers’ union.

  2. It’s unfortunate that a small minority of voters (roughly 18%) were able to elect this board because the vast majority of voters didn’t cast ballots in what should have been a non-partisan, non-controverisal election. Yes, turnout was only 33% or so for the Jeffco school board race. Why was it so low? Because the vast majority of Jeffco voters view their school district as a source of pride, and don’t want their children experimented on for partisan gain.

  3. This is actually a pretty normal number of voters for an off-year election (one in which there is no presidential or gubernatorial race to decide). The reason it’s so low has nothing to do with pride in Jeffco schools–that’s an error of attribution. If you want higher numbers, work to get the election moved to a different year.

  4. They won because their voter base was energized. The voter base that would have opposed them was complacent. The next election will be very different. The current board has one term to break the unions. Can they do it?

  5. Let’s be realistic, the majority of the parents and citizens are not getting what they want. They wanted better use of tax dollars to educate Jeffco children. This superintendent contract, the personal attorney and fake national search were not a better use of our tax dollars. The board is already looking at how they can pilfer the reserve fund which was instrumental in making it through the recession. Seriously, this not what we voted for. This is waste and quickly becoming a financial disaster waiting to happen. This is not what we voted for.

  6. A nationwide search yields ONE candidate? Just one – and it’s someone from JeffCo’s backyard? Then why even spend the thousands of dollars to do a national search in the first place?

    Just having ONE candidate alone is enough to undermine the integrity of the entire hiring process anyway.

    I could care less if the 3-2 vote was by a liberal OR a conservative majority for this hire – it reeks of political agendas and is a black eye in a transparent hiring process.

    Are we to believe that he was the ONLY candidate worthy of becoming superintendent? We should have had 3-5 candidates – PERIOD.

  7. I hope lots of JeffCo parents who are close to other districts start looking at options to choice their kids into other districts. In this case, it seems like the republics on the schoolboard decided to use an RPG to solve a problem when a regular hammer could have been used. JeffCo’s soon going to suck as much as DougCo does now….hope they’re all proud of their ‘efforts’.

  8. Douglas County Schools are great, and their test scores are better than JeffCo’s. But, things are looking up for you guys now!! Good Luck!

  9. Douglas county has great achievement scores, but less than average growth scores.

    They also have one of the highest socioeconomic populations in the state. Their method of giving more resources to the rich and giving less to the poor works for them because they don’t have a lot of poor students. Jeffco on the other hand does.

    As far as teachers leaving, I do not need stats for that. I have seen what their teachers max out at in pay compared to other districts. Its about 20k less. Who would choose that if they had a different option. Dougco will become a place for teachers to get experience. Once they have it, they will head to greener pastures.

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