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Girl’s shaved head draws national furor at Grand Junction school

Girl’s shaved head draws national furor at Grand Junction school

The phone on the front desk at Caprock Academy rang incessantly Tuesday as a flustered receptionist admitted she had given up trying to answer it. The charter school’s website was jammed. So was its Facebook page.

The K-12 school was in the midst of a bald crisis precipitated by a dress code gone-wrong.

Caprock third-grader Kamryn Renfro had shaved her head over the weekend to show support for good friend 11-year-old Delaney Clements, who is not a student at Caprock. Clements has been fighting the childhood cancer neuroblastoma since she was 7 and is bald from chemotherapy. Caprock administrators told Renfro’s parents their daughter couldn’t return to classes Monday because her bald head violated the school’s dress code.

On Tuesday, school administrators relented and allowed Renfro back but not before her upset mother had posted a message about her daughter’s suspension on Facebook. Clements’ mother also posted Facebook comments about the incident. A social-media firestorm erupted. While thousands of “likes” and messages popped up supporting the girls, Caprock Academy became the scourge-de-jour of the digital world.

“This is preposterous!!”


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  1. This is what happens when common sense is left at the door and a policy made by some “board” is followed to the letter by personel afraid to use their common sense. Probably also a fear of making sure everybody is treated the same for some fear of a discrimination lawsuit. Common sense is usually first thing to go…sad. I was proud when my 5 year old decided on her own to donate her hair recently. Her school even announced her name in a “student of the week” type announcement. If I was the parent of the girl who shaved her hair I would be proud as well. I hope this doesn’t discourage the young lady from keeping that attitude.

  2. Did they expect any other outcome? Seriously, did they think the story wouldn’t hit social media? Bad PR, folks!

  3. A blown opportunity for a teaching moment has turned into a different conversation we can have with our kids.

  4. 4th relapse? I’m beyond sorry, Prayers to you Delaney from our family

  5. Come on school, take a stand and shave your heads. Close down the school until your hair grows back. Support these two girls and take a stand against the school. If I lived there, I would encourage the kids to show support.

  6. Clearly the dress code needs to change. This has nothing to do with gangs or religion.. It’s about a really great girl supporting a friend in a time of need! Shame on the school.. Where are your priorities?!

  7. It blows my mind how many public school administrators act like jerks and then turn around and expect the full support of the public.

    Sadly, they tend to treat teachers, parents, and children horribly. I wonder, sometimes, if this is where the children learn to bully each other! These idiotic administrators wonder why they lost rapport with parents and lose tax hike measures. We reap what we sow!

  8. The parents did know and understand the schools dress code. They decided to ignore that. I agree with Stacey….they understood what the outcome would be. It probably would have had a positive outcome for all if the parents approached the school about this. This makes the school look uncaring. When in reality they were enforcing the dress code. I’m sure that if the school was made aware of the reason behind the girls desire and.gesture of shaving her head they would have had the opportunity to vote before this went viral and turned ugly.

  9. I hope that school and board members learned their stupid lesson! Acknowledge that you have a strong, brave hero in your student body and praise her… dont chastise her for being brave!!!

  10. What stupid dress code insists that kids have hair, and what does that have to do with learning? Here’s a charter school that’s stuck in “blob” mode.

    Karen, M.Ed.

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