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Dressing Down for Breakfast: Second Home’s Sunday Pajama Brunch

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If your kids are anything like mine, they often wake you up on weekend mornings asking the same question.

“What are we doing today, Mom?”

And if you’re anything like me, you often answer with, “Um.  I don’t know.”

Well.  Here’s a different answer to that question.

The Sunday Pajama Brunch at Second Home in Cherry Creek.

I’ll give you a heads-up – Second Home is located in the lobby of the Marriott in Cherry Creek which, for some reason, I didn’t put together before we went.  So, I was a little apprehensive, walking through those shiny glass doors and into the beautifully appointed hotel…with my children who were wearing robes and flannel pajama pants.

But I shouldn’t have worried.

No one gave us any strange looks as we tried to sneak our way in and make sure this was where we were supposed to be and that’s because several other kids were sitting on couches and lounging on chairs in the hotel lobby dressed in the same fashion.  And if that didn’t put us at ease, the hostess and wait staff at Second Home, all wearing their own pajamas, certainly helped.

  IMG_0572I’ll be honest with you – if what you’re looking for is a quiet Sunday morning breakfast with your boss, you may want to skip this.  But if you’re hoping to have a fun breakfast with your young children, this is the place to be.

The adult menu is fantastic.  Their Breakfast Tacos were the perfect start to my day and my 12-year-old daughter raved about the Bread Pudding French Toast.  My 8-year-old daughter decided to skip breakfast altogether and went right for the cheeseburger.  And my son decided that the Pancake Bar listed on the kids’ menu sounded too good to pass up.

Now, my kids are a little older and chose to sit with me so that we could discuss important topics (attempting to talk me into IMG_0567buying Frozen when it came out was at the top of their list).  But the younger kids surrounding us loved roaming around (something that other restaurants might frown upon) and going into the separate room set up specifically for them – complete with pillows, blankets, juice cups, and a movie – while their parents sampled the Bloody Mary bar that had been set up for the meal.

Where was this place when my kids were toddlers and my husband and I would have given anything to just complete a sentence while we ate breakfast?

Of courIMG_0571se, after we’d fueled up on breakfast, we couldn’t help but check out all of the galleries, shops, and one of the greatest toy stores in town, The Wizard’s Chest, down in Cherry Creek – one of the best ways to spend a beautiful spring morning.  (And I won so many brownie points, they stopped bugging me about buying the movie.)

So, the next time you’re faced with the question “what are we going to do today?” on a Sunday morning, pack the kids up and head down to Second Home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for outings where I don’t even have to get my kids dressed.


Catherine Tidd is the author of “CONFESSIONS OF A MEDIOCRE WIDOW” and the owner of She is a mother who always tries to find humor in distressing situations and continues to write so that she can keep telling her kids that she’s busy and they need to get their own snacks. 

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 19, 2014

    Ohhh boy, this sounds fun…and delicious!!!