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We love Trader Joe’s but how do prices compare with Denver’s grocery stores?

We love Trader Joe’s but how do prices compare with Denver’s grocery stores?

From the corner of Colorado Boulevard and 8th Avenue, Trader Joe’s appears to be the best thing that’s happened to grocery shopping since sliced bread.

In car after car, shoppers have been funneling in and out of the parking lot at the Colorado Boulevard location since it opened Friday morning. Lured by the promise of low prices and unique items, Trader Joe’s shoppers flocked to the three new locations Friday.

“The frozen products are a working mom’s dream come true. They are usually less than $5. Rip open the bag, throw it in the pan and you have dinner,” Katie Houlihan said Friday while waiting in the checkout line.

Houlihan, a mother of three, had been shopping at Whole Foods Market, but will now be a Trader Joe’s regular.

“It is the best place ever,” she said. “It will lower my grocery bill by hundreds of dollars each month.”

Trader Joe’s says that its mission is to give its customers the best food and beverage values that can be found. But competing grocers have been sharpening prices and offering promotions on key items.

We visited four local grocers and the bustling Trader Joe’s last week to compare prices on kitchen staples. We chose store brands in seven categories for a snapshot of how much a consumer would spend in each store.

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  1. I went the other night in Greenwood Village. Was bare bare bare

  2. I love TJs but am waiting for the crowds to settle

  3. Been twice and busy each time, with different items out of stock. Love so many of the products, it’s been worth it to brave the crowds

  4. I went to Boulder yesterday and while it was crowded, the crowd was moving. I got a parking space right in front and only waited a minute in line at the cashier. Only a few items were out.

  5. We’re waiting a few weeks.

  6. I love Trader Joes! They donated over 3500 lbs of food last week to the food bank! When we went in there, the line up was literally wrapping around the store. It was crazy! I’m sure it’ll be normal soon. Every other Trader Joes I have been to has always had plenty in stock, and lots of good stuff too!

  7. I’m also waiting. I made the mistake of going to Sprouts’ opening. Never again.

  8. Glad to hear that the Boulder location is reasonable. Maybe we’ll go this weekend then.

  9. Has anyone tried out the Centennial location? I am so happy TJ’s is here! Went last w/e to the downtown location and it was a bit insane and hard to shop that way. I think I need to stick to what I know: wine, cheese and the unique goodies. I ventured off and listened to others rave about the turkey meatball and my family and I thought they were terrible! Now I’m stuck with another bag since I bought 2! Am I missing something?

  10. t’s been great at Boulder. Parking is easy, and they get stock 5pm Thursday night. Colorado location is hard to park. I am from California waiting 5 years for this. It’s great, and most of the food is natural and organic. Cheaper than whole paycheck I might add

  11. I have missed TJ’s something fierce since moving here from Phx almost 2 years ago. None of the locations are convenient, but I’m waiting for the mad rush to die down. I don’t want to get there and be sad that “my” stuff isn’t available!

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