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Science Fair Season – Find a Topic and Start Exploring with These Ideas

Science Fair Season – Find a Topic and Start Exploring with These Ideas

Science is in the air. It’s time for Science Fair Season!

I organize our school’s science fair and every year my goal is to get more kids than the previous year to sign up to participate. I want to get kids excited about science.

Some parents tell me that science just isn’t their kids’ thing. I’m not one to force anyone into something they don’t want to do, but I am of the belief that no matter where your interests lie, you can find a science fair project.

Science Fair doesn’t mean pulling out the chemistry set and mixing chemicals. It means looking inside yourself – your hobbies, your loves, your questions. Finding a question that relates to your interests and taking a journey through exploration to find the answers.

Are you a soccer player? How about a project that looks at inflation sizes of soccer balls and how far they go? Or which shoes give the best traction on the field.

Do you love to cook? How about a project that explores the amount of baking soda and its effect on a cake rising?

Germophobes – test which areas of your house or school contain the most germs using a Bacteria Growing Kit.

Don’t have any hobbies or interest? Test your gum. Which gum blows the biggest bubble? Which gum has the longest lasting flavor?

Science Fair projects don’t have to reach into the depths of physics or chemistry or have to be intimidating. They start with a passion and a question.

Once you have the question, do a little reading and research on the topic to learn more, then try to answer your question by forming a hypothesis. Design your experiment by coming up with a materials list and step by step directions.

Here is a step-by-step process for the Scientific Method:

If you still need help finding a topic, has a project finder. Answer some questions about yourself and your interests, and it will give you some targeted ideas.

For more information on how to put your project together and some tips and tricks, visit


Susan Wells
Author: Susan Wells

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  1. I think my first grader would do really well for this but I honestly had NO IDEA what do to with it and where to start. Thanks for the guidance. Does this mean I have to do something now? 😉

    • Science Fair really shouldn’t be as intimidating as it feels. And yes, Amber, now you need to get started on that project! I can’t wait to hear about the Johnson family science experiment.

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