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14 Fun, Crafty and Delicious Valentine’s Day Ideas for February 14

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I have decided there is no more polarizing holiday than Valentine’s Day. When I took an informal poll from my Facebook friends about how they celebrate the holiday, I felt like a Seahawk in a field of stampeding Broncos. I received a few helpful suggestions but mostly I was lambasted at even the thought of celebrating.

And that made me pretty sad. Whatever your relationship status, Valentine’s Day should be about love. Not just romantic love but motherly love. Sibling love. Love of self. Lover of chocolate. (Note: the last two are unremittingly linked).

So, whether you’re the Grinch that sulked on Valentine’s Day or you’re a lover at heart (ha, get it?), don’t miss these 14 ideas that will keep you swooning.

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  • comment avatar Meredith January 29, 2014

    Super cute and fun ideas. I like the fruit rollups.

  • comment avatar KristenT January 29, 2014

    One of our favorite traditions is red velvet pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. Delicious and yum.

  • comment avatar Momoffour January 29, 2014

    Like these tips. I know it’s corny but I’ve always wanted a star. I think it’s a fun idea.