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HoneyBaked Ham Giveaway: Win a $50 Gift Card!

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I was excited when I was contacted by HoneyBaked Ham to do a Mile High Mamas promotion. I haven’t had their succulent, juicy ham in years but the best part? Not only was I invited to throw a little soiree for my family but I also have a $50 gift card I’m giving away to one lucky reader (enter below)!

Thanksgiving was a bit of a bust at our place. My husband’s sister had back surgery a few days prior so she was in a lot of pain and left prematurely. This week, we are juggling holiday craziness and my husband’s birthday as we try to schedule a time to get together to exchange gifts with his siblings because we won’t be celebrating Christmas together. Our solution? Why not throw a failed-Thanksgiving/husband birthday/early-Christmas dinner sponsored by HoneyBaked Ham?

Really, we’re just looking for any chance to party.

So, here’s my guide for throwing a failed-Thanksgiving/husband birthday/early-Christmas dinner.

Step 1

Freak out (in a good way) when you receive a Secret Supper Kit in the mail that includes a HoneyBaked Rum Cake Sampler, a tin of their glazed pecans, Anthropology Woodland Cheese Board and darling apron, metal napkin rings, a 6-piece stainless steel kitchen utensil set and a 3-piece serve ware set. The best part about all these marvelous culinary accessories? You don’t have to cook a thing with them until you want to.honeybakedhamparty

Step 2

Send a free paperless post invitation to your family inviting them to your tasty dinner. Are you a rookie like I was? Think Evite but classier. I am officially converted after checking out their many templates and easy tracking.

Step 3

Go to and browse the many product options (did you know they also sell turkey, Angus beef and slow-cooked BBQ?) They have hams in different sizes and I ordered the HoneyBaked Mini Ham, which serves 4-8. Then, I went a bit crazy checking out their more than 20 side dishes, eventually narrowing our choices down to their Potatoes Au Gratin, glazed pecans and Hickory Honey Mustard.

I submitted my choices, selected my pick-up date and received an email confirmation but was perplexed I wasn’t given a time so called the local store.

“Everything is fully cooked and will be ready for pick-up when you come!” the sweet HoneyBaked Head Honcho assured me. Full cooked? Ready? Didn’t have to do a thing?

Here’s for more easy HoneyBaked Failed-Thanksgiving/husband birthday/early-Christmas dinners like this one.


Stay tuned for the details of our fun dinner. Be sure to enter our giveaway here for a $50 HoneyBaked Ham gift card. Contest deadline is Dec. 19, 2013. A special thanks to HoneyBaked Ham for partnering with us on this promotion.

honeybakedholidayGreat Gifting

If you’re on your way to a party and realize you forgot a hostess gift, pop in to HoneyBaked Ham for gifts in all price ranges.

  • Grab ‘n Go Gifts for $20 and under. Rum Cake Sampler, New Ham & Cheese Bites or a HoneyBaked Signature Glazed Pecan Tin.
  • $50 and under. Signature 7 lb HoneyBaked Bone-in Half Ham or a Roasted Turkey Breast and Red Velvet Cake.
  • $100 and under. HoneyBaked Holiday Platters that are perfect for entertaining co-working co-workers, friends or family.


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