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Austin Sigg sentenced to life in kidnap/murder of Jessica Ridgeway

Austin Sigg sentenced to life in kidnap/murder of Jessica Ridgeway

As Austin Sigg was sentenced on Tuesday to a life behind bars, a judge and prosecutor said Sigg himself offered the best word to describe what he had done to Jessica Ridgeway: evil.

“Evil is apparently real,” said Jefferson County District Court Chief Judge Stephen Munsinger. “It was present in our community on Oct. 5, 2012. On that day, its name was Austin Sigg.”

In a complicated sentence, Munsinger imposed the maximum sentence for several of the 15 counts, ensuring that Sigg, 18, will never leave prison.

Sigg pleaded guilty to all of the counts against him in October, including first-degree murder in Jessica’s death and attempted kidnapping for an attack on a jogger at Ketner Lake in May 2012. Because Sigg was 17 when he killed Jessica, the first-degree murder charge carries an automatic sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years.

Munsinger, however, ordered Sigg to serve an additional
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  1. In a related article the DP states that Sigg’s serious interest in violent child porn/child porn started 12 yrs of age. And he was sent to an evaluation etc. So his parents were made aware of sthg being seriously wrong with their offspring. Wouldn’t you think, given that, and I’m sure they were aware of or at least they should have been warned that this was not just merely a growing phase, at the least close supervision, monitoring of his activities is seriously advisable. And not only that but then knowingly allowing him to study to how effectively carve up and dissect human corpses, has to be the all time height of purposefully ignoring the danger this scenario would place in the community around them. Both parents ought to be charged with collaboration to do harm to an innocent 10 yr old little girl.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Chief District Judge Munsinger is aware of how the law works. The death penalty is off the table, since 2006 it’s FEDERAL law that no state nor the Federal government may apply the death penalty if the guilty party were under 18 when the crime was committed. Even if that person was 17 years and 364 days. And yes, the gentleman will testify as will others members of Sigg’s family, friends etc… This isn’t going to sway the judge – it’s so that there is no possible way to appeal the sentencing phase and put the Ridgeway’s through 2 more awful days like this down the road. The sentences will 100% be consecutive – this is just essentially the last phase of Sigg’s due process which is fine with me. He’ll die in

  3. Of course someone who does this type of thing is mentally ill, what sane person could do those unspeakable acts? That doesn’t excuse those actions and this monster is and will always be a danger to society if he is allowed to walk free ever again.


  4. Society pays the consequences when children fall threw the cracks. Jessica could of been safe had someone got him the help he needed.

  5. In Colorado if you get life you can be eligible for parole at some point. He will have to do 86 years before being eligible. That’s why willie Clark got life plus 1100 years. It’s truly a life sentence you will never get out.

    • Lana,
      In Colorado an ADULT who receives a life sentence is sentenced to life WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Willie Clark was sentenced to life without parole plus 420 years. Even without the 420 years Clark would never be eligible for parole. A juvenile (like Siggs) sentenced to life imprisonment is eligible for parole after 40 years.

  6. Relief.

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