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Girls’ Night Out: La Biblioteca de Tequila

Girls’ Night Out:  La Biblioteca de Tequila

Twelve, nine, seven, four, and two.

Those numbers are not my high school locker combination.  And, unfortunately, they are not the winning lottery numbers.

Those are the ages of the kids my friend and I were trying to run away from when we went out for a girls’ night at Denver’s La Biblioteca a couple of weeks ago.

Hey.  We all need a break every now and then, right?

When I was offered the chance to preview La Biblioteca, I was thrilled because it filled all of my criteria for a great escape:  it was out of my house, away from my children, and it was an excuse to put on make-up and get out of my yoga pants.


But when my friend and I got there, we found out that La Biblioteca is much more than that.  With its comfortable seating and relaxed atmosphere, our cares melted away with our first cocktail (mainly because it was the first spicy drink I’d ever had.  So delicious) called Sweet Heat, a mix of Serrano and pineapple infused tequila, pineapple juice, and agave.  That, along with the amazing selection of appetizers featuring Latin American and Asian inspired dishes they provided for the evening, from Achiote Hoisin Pork Sliders to their Crispy Shrimp and Tuna Rolls…they’re lucky that my friend and I didn’t bring sleeping bags and move in.

While we did see other patrons sipping wine and other drinks, what makes La Biblioteca different from other bars and restaurants in Denver is labib2their vast selection of tequila in what they have dubbed their Tequila Library.  Part of Richard Sandoval’s collection of restaurants, La Biblioteca serves an extensive collection of Sandoval’s hand-chosen tequilas, some of which are aged up to 250 years. Patrons will “check out” bottles of tequila instead of books and store their selections in a personal locker to sip upon their return. They provide each person with their own retro library card and keep it there so that you can keep track of what you’ve tried and what you liked.  La Biblioteca also offers specials for the 5th tequila you’ve sampled (an infusion shot or house margarita) all  the way up to the 50th (bottle of tequila in a locker, librarian’s suggestion).  All of that, along with the extremely friendly staff, will keep Denver residents coming back for more.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly night out without the kids or a date night with your spouse, check out this new hot spot in Denver’s Riverfront Park area.

I’ll probably see you there.

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