Month: October 2013

Giveaway: Healthy Snacking for Kids from Three Great Brands!

Little Duck Organics is just what we have been waiting for. Now we can be happy knowing we are giving our children healthy snacks, and they can be happy with how delicious they are. From Strawberry and Mango, to Blueberry and Apple, all these tiny snacks are 100% fruit, no added sugar, and tons of taste. This flavor train is coming into the station, so come onboard! Evol Foods has created the ultimate line of mac and cheese that definitely follows their motto, “Taste Rules!” These meals are surprisingly flavorsome. In eco-friendly packaging, throw the Chicken Chipotle Mac and Cheese into the microwave and in just minutes you have a delicious and nutritious meal.  It’s packed with protein and is endless in flavor. From gourmet Truffle Parmesan to homemade style Ziti Bolognese there is sure ...

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